Swedes do propaganda quite well

Russians also have precise artillery.  Yet in this video they sound like total idiots with no tactical brain.

They did not do the faked atrocities in Bucha either. This is a very clever subtle propaganda piece.

The Russian soldier who nearly killed him wouldn’t surrender – why was that?   as he knew he would be tortured…no mention of that possibility.

Only Russians do bad things in this video.

NATO and Ukrainians are all angels and it’s very sad when they die.  Russians are entirely expendable.

He legs it back to Sweden.  Personal reasons he says.  You bet.  Like he didn’t want to die.

He says the war is stuck now.  No it isn’t.  The Ukrainians are losing on nearly all fronts.

But hey.  NATO does propaganda every day of the week.  This is simply a different style being used to con the masses.  A Swedish contribution.

Russians are allowed to save their people from the Ukrainian genocide which has been ongoing since 2014.  This Swede needs to do some homework.

Then he won’t get paid for doing TV though.  And he won’t mention the Ukronazis of course.

Just another piece of war trash on the make.




One Response to “Swedes do propaganda quite well”

  1. ian says:

    Yes Tap, the fact that it’s on youtube says much.