8 Responses to ““Suddenly they are dead in the water those are the vaccines””

  1. ian says:

    There’s talk of rolling out boosters for the over 50’s in my area this next week.

  2. Weaver says:

    Humanitarian crisis is so true please everyone wake up.

    • ian says:

      You are very kind Weaver, Do they deserve it? I sometimes feel that no they don’t, then feel like an asshole. What a pickle.

  3. Weaver says:

    You are only being human Ian we have all been affected by this experience and for many, they will be angry and others will have believed what they were told. It certainly is a pickle.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Over 50’s boosters for the whole of the UK Ian. According to the state propaganda outfit a few days ago

    Yes it’s a humanitarian crisis Weaver, that is very clear now. It’s demonic, nobody deserves this, absolutely nobody

    The fact that most people were brainwashed into thoughtless acceptance is absolutely clear now too. It was a clear aim from the very start wasn’t it, certainly was in my mind

    • ian says:

      I got the book pete, “surrounded by idiots”, My wife helped me to categorise myself. I have more yellow than I’d like, a fair bit of blue, and a touch of the other two. Mostly yellow though with a fair touch of blues.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Great good to hear that Ian, very interesting isn’t it

        I guessed wrong about you though, thought you were more red than that, so what do I know? ;-))

        I’m dominant red, fair bit of blue, and a little bit of green, zero or negative yellow. According to my son and daughter number 2 who both read the book. I concur with them

        My son did it at work too and is dominant yellow plus green, little bit of blue and negative red, just like my wife. Which probably accounts for why we all get on so well, we are very complementary dominants.

        Daughter 2 is Red/Blue like me, so ditto with her, we think the same way

        Daughter one is the most balanced person I’ve ever known. She is some of everything with no major dominance

        Yellow v Blue and Green v Red are the primary clash combinations. Particularly very dominants of each pole

      • ian says:

        Hi pete, Yes excellent book, at first I felt that it was a bit like Dale Carnegi’s book, How to win friends and influence people, but no it’s pretty unique. As soon as my wife saw that yellow was untidy and talked to strangers, she branded me yellow, me to a tee, but I also have a fair few blue traits too, as I’m very responsible and an OCD timekeeper, etc etc. My last boss was a classic red. He was brutally honest but he liked me, and I was good at my job, and could also scrape past on other peoples jobs. One day he came and asked me if I could make a metal part he was holding. BTW this was in a figurine making factory. I said yes, but asked, why as it was someone else’s job to make metal masters. He said Stuart will make it perfect, like jewellery, but it’ll take him two weeks. He said mine would be rougher but he needed it tomorrow. An interesting book pete, thanks for the recommendation.