Will the next regime change in the Eastern European country be orchestrated in Austria?

This much is clear: The ex-chancellor has met several times in the past with representatives of the Belarusian opposition. He also maintains close ties to global financiers of regime change groups.


Training program for exiled Belarusians

The courses at this particular university are unaffordable for mere mortals, as the annual tuition fee is 14,300 euros. Since 1964 it has trained domestic and foreign students for a career on the international stage. Ex-Federal President Kurt Waldheim and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic are also among the graduates. Accordingly, the “Dipl-Ak” with its seminars and programmes is normally quite open about its distinguished students. However, the situation is different with “Leadership Training in European Relations and Leadership for Democracy Reform Experts from Belarus”.

This full-time programme will be taking place from 19 – 30 September in Vienna, in a mixture of face-to-face classes and online seminars. The offer is aimed at Belarusian exiles in Austria, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland under the age of 35. The training programme, according to the leaflet, aims to train people who want to become “leaders of democratic reform in their homeland”. It is not officially advertised.

This secrecy may be because Austria is supposed to be a neutral country and Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg does not want to attract too much attention. The member of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) previously served as foreign minister from June 2019 to October 2021 in the second government of Sebastian Kurz, before serving as chancellor of Austria from 11 October to 6 December 2021.

Overthrow in the sense of world reconstruction

It’s an illustrious programme. In addition to international law, a “cosmopolitan leadership style” is also part of the instruction. And there are modules on cyber security and the UN and its “multilateralism”. The latter is the euphemistic catchphrase globalists use to disguise their plans for global alignment.

Travel and accommodation are included. According to informed circles, the exiles are to be taught, among other things, by a veteran Schallenberg aide, whose testimonies in court had revealed deep insights into visa-buying malversations in the Foreign Ministry. The same foreign office veteran is supposed to be training tomorrow’s leaders on behalf of Schallenberg.

It is not the only problematic link to Schallenberg. The programme is financed by the “Austrian Development Cooperation” (ADC) that actively promotes the globalist UN Agenda 2030.

This means that around 2.5 million euros in Austrian taxpayer money goes to an “impact-linked fund for gender-inclusive FinTech” in developing countries. The Great Reset will evidently be done with the hard-earned money of Austrians. And for the New World Order, the head of state in Belarus, who is a nuisance to the globalists, obviously has to go.

Schallenberg on board for regime change

The “unholy alliance” between the ÖVP leadership and those around Belarusian opposition figure, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, goes back to the Kurz chancellorship.

Schallenberg has not maintained diplomatic relations with the legitimate President Lukashenko of Belarus for a while now. In complete contempt for neutrality and diplomatic protocol, however, he has already met the defeated presidential candidate Tichanovskaya several times in Vienna. Back in 2020, they discussed an unspecified “support for Belarusian civil society”.

Schallenberg has made it clear that he stands for regime change in Minsk when he resolutely declared: “The genie of change is out of the bottle.” The most recent meeting between the two took place in early June to discuss the West’s suicide sanctions, which both advocated.

Schallenberg is clutching at the straw of alleged election fraud. Similar narratives have already been the starting point for regime changes in the United StatesSyriaVenezuelaSerbia, and Ukraine.

In the last year alone, the Soros team met at least four times with Schallenberg in Vienna and the most recent meeting took place only six weeks ago.

Neutral Austria enters a proxy war?

Should Austria be misused for a provocation against Russia in the interest of NATO? Soros’ connection to the Belarusian opposition is well known. When the wave of protests hit Belarus in late summer 2020, President Lukashenko had warned of a possible colour revolution with the help of the West.

Last year, US billionaire Soros publicly described the Belarus election as a “stolen election” and admonished the EU and US for not being “more strict”.

Wall of silence

The relevant authorities are tight-lipped. Wochenblick contacted the Foreign Ministry and the Diplomatic Academy and sent questions to those responsible. But in doing so, reporters met with a wall of silence.

However, one thing is certain: the university has maintained a close relationship with Tichanovskaya’s entourage for some time now. In the previous year, for example, their foreign policy adviser Valery Kavaleuski was given an extensive platform to report on the situation in Belarus. A few weeks ago, he said on Twitter that he was preparing an “ambitious Belarus programme” with the UN. The UN Security Council apparently supports this venture. The meeting in Vienna could therefore also be related to the planning for the next coup in Eastern Europe.