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Satan show on British church

Same as the gargoyles which look down from above on many Christian buildings, representing demonic forces.  Now Satan wants to manifest for all to see.  Sent by John Kitson.  Do people not realise there are powerful demonic forces in play, which must be driven out of our realm by exorcism and deliverance – with prayer and speech calling on the power of goodness – on God.  The Devil will find pathways and gateways anywhere he can if we put up no resistance.

As in Russia the Satanists target Dugin as he knows that Russia’s greatest strength is being a Christian country which believes in God while the West has abandoned God.

Here are the more visible results of that abandonment.

The West says Dugin is an ally of Putin.  There is no evidence that they ever met.  Yet if Putin and the Russian State supports Dugin’s belief that Russia will deliver victory over the West because Russians believe in God while the West supports the Devil, that is most reassuring.  Let’s drive these demons out of our realm on earth.  Humanity will only survive if we do that, not only Russia.


One Response to “Satan show on British church”

  1. newensign says:

    This is not surprising Tap, as many Satanists use church as a cover for their nefarious activities such as the widely publicised activities of a Hampstead church. The word church was wrongly translated on the orders of King James I, as in the original Hebrew it meant the community of Christians not a building, but the people of the Parish. The place of worship and sacrifice was the Temple. Which was done away with when Christ became the final sacrifice. What we call a church today is equivalent to a Town Hall or the Biblical Synagogue (wrongly translated) meaning “the assembly of the People of Gog”. The town halls of Judea were full of God’s enemies at that time. That’s why you hear of Christ debating with the Elders re the coming Kingdom in the synagogue. The town was where the law was administered, The Bishop would equate to the Mayor and the priests the civil servants. There is a remembrance of this in recent Local Government, when as well as councillors, there were Aldermen (Biblical Elders) and assembly rooms (Synod). Not only that the enemy has altered the Bible to hide the true meaning by use of dog Latin and by removing the creator’s name and substituting titles instead such as God and Lord. The name of the creator is Yahweh. Lord is translated from the Greek word meaning Baal, therefore many Christians are worshiping Baal in ignorance. The word Jew and Gentile are not in the original Scriptures. Romney Stewart covers this very well on the deception. There is a good one on the Bible and the courts. At the moment I only have an MP4 of his on the Bible about 12min. I found this link were he talks in general on the Church: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Trsqgd-zmSE