Russophobia since 1984, has paid a lot of salaries.

What to Do When the Russians Come (1984)[edit]

In 1984, Robert Conquest wrote, with Jon Manchip White, the fictional book What to Do When the Russians Come: a Survivor’s Guide which, however, was intended to be a real survival manual in case of Soviet invasion.

This book, as many other works of the mid-1980s in different media, like Sir John Hackett‘s The Third World War, the movie Red Dawn, and the Milton Bradley game Fortress America, starts from the premise that a Soviet ground-invasion of the United States could be imminent and that the Soviet Union was about to engulf the world.

It is widely accepted that the United States now faces a real possibility of succumbing to the power of an alien regime unless the right policies are pursued. [This book’s aim] is, first, to show the American citizen clearly and factually what the results of this possible Soviet domination could be and how it would affect him or her personally; and second, to give some serious advice on how to survive.”[44]

Conquest supported the Reagan defense buildup and asked for an increase of expenses on US defense budget, claiming that in the nuclear field NATO was only possibly matching USSR military power:

We live in dangerous times. Such miscalculations are very possible. But they are not inevitable. The American people and their representatives have it in their power to prevent their country from undergoing the ordeal we have described. A democratic government, with all its distractions and disadvantages, … It is not infallible, it is slow to learn, and it is willing to grasp at comfortable illusions; but it may yet act decisively”[45] “But why should we fear that such an ordeal may face us? The economic potential of the West in gross national product is far greater than that of the Soviet Union….In fact, the Soviet Union is economically far behind the United States. American technology is always a generation ahead of theirs. They have to turn to the United States for wheat. The Soviet economy is at a dead end. The Communist system has failed to win support in any of the countries of Eastern Europe. The Soviet idea has no attractions. On any calculation—of economic power or social advance or intellectual progress there could be no question of the Russians imposing their will. But in terms of actual military power, the West’s advantage does not seem to have been made use of. It is at least matched, and many would say overmatched, in the nuclear field; the Western forces in Europe have less than half the striking power of their opponents. It is no good our being more advanced than they are if this is not translated into power—both military power and political willpower.”[46]

In 1986 Conquest affirmed that “a science-fiction attitude is a great help in understanding the Soviet Union. It isn’t so much whether they’re good or bad, exactly; they’re not bad or good as we’d be bad or good. It’s far better to look at them as Martians than as people like us.”

TAP – It seems like Russophobia has paid massive dividends to the MIC for 75 years and more.  Russia has never invaded any of the countries suggested in the Russophobic books published in the 20th century like the above.  In fact Russia has been invaded endlessly by the West for three centuries.  All Russians want to do is be left to live independently and in peace.   Ukraine was no different until the West carried out the Maidan coup d’etat in 2014.  Since then, the undesirables have been put in control and built a Nazi inspired state which pleases the USA and NATO.  We are the military threat, not the poor Russians who’ve not surprisingly had enough of us.  Putin says he will use nuclear weapons when facing an existential threat, but presumably not otherwise.

Like this –

Back in the Soviet days, going into the forest to pick anything was sort of a family and social activity. My grandparents religiously picked all sorts of stuff from the forest. It’s all organic, full of nutrients, stress-relieving, great way to get together with your family and friends, great for health overall, and it was just a traditional thing to do. Mushrooms are great for picking, fermenting, frying, and drying for winter. We also went out for rosehip picking. We made delicious jam and dried them to make delicious tea. High in vitamin C, rosehips are amazing for immunity and anti-aging. Wild blueberry picking in the mountains was one of my favourites! Then there were other berries like cranberries, wild raspberries and all sorts of plants like ferns, wild garlic weeds, burdock weeds and other wild weeds. Nothing beats the smell of a fresh mushroom forest after rain, though. Of course, you can buy all of these plants etc, but it’s a completely different experience when you get together and go do it yourself.