Russia’s Fifth Column has plans to stop the Special Operation

Sivkov: The “fifth column” in the Russian Federation has a plan to stop the SVO

Representatives of the pro-Western “fifth column”, many of whom still remain in power in Russia, have a plan to stop the NVO and take revenge.

Military expert Konstantin Sivkov stated this on the air of the Roy TV YouTube channel, the correspondent of PolitNavigator reports.

“What might their liberal pro-Western revenge look like? I understand that Russian liberals are relative. They are really bigots, sadists. I have met them, I have seen them. I have known them since the autumn of 1991. Liberals, of course, they are very conditional, in relation to them. These are compradors, pro-Westerners who say – you Russians – shit, you can’t do anything. Raw materials – you buy everything in exchange, we are built in as a periphery, we learn from the West. Here is their ideology. You Russian krivorukov, do not know how to do anything. Except children. Children are good, and everything else that is done by hand …

Here are their views, I know perfectly well. I sat at government meetings for 7 years. In the expert hall, I heard what they were saying. When you performed there, save the industry – uh, scrap metal, demolish these factories. I heard it. So I know who they are. Let’s try with you, how can it look like? – the host – publicist Maxim Kalashnikov asked to explain.

In response, Sivkov listed several areas of subversive activity of systemic liberals:

“The first direction is economic sabotage, which will take more and more severe forms …

All this will lead to disruption of the industry. The second direction will go to these people, the fighters who are fighting on the fronts, somehow infringe on their rights here. There have already been discussions on this subject. That’s what those who come from the fronts, they feel like the saviors of the country, put them in a stall.

Measures will be taken to stop the offensive. These will be comprehensive measures. They will try to do it – this is sabotage with the supply of ammunition and equipment, this time. This will attempt to block the reproduction of precision weapon systems. Undoubtedly, measures will be taken to curb the possibility of achieving technological sovereignty.

It cannot be ruled out that steps will be taken leading to defeat in certain directions of our troops. In terms of information, the main directions will be aimed at ensuring that our army suffers unacceptable losses, that these are gigantic losses, that they cannot be replenished.

There will be talk that our armed forces are unable to solve these problems, and we need to stop hostilities. There will be talk that our commanders and military leaders do not correspond to their positions, they are not capable of commanding troops. In order to split the leadership of the armed forces from the bulk of the troops, ”Sivkov explained.

Meanwhile in Kyiv –

Veselovsky: The battle of “yellows” against “blues” begins


The American newspaper The Washington Post reported on the split between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the mayors of large Ukrainian cities.
Political scientist Sergei Veselovsky told the readers of Journalistskaya Pravda about the reason for the split in the Ukrainian government.

“The situation here is such that the less good things remain in the country, the more actively the struggle for all this begins. Today, Zelensky has practically stripped of all powers in terms of scouring the pocket of the budget. This also applies to mayors. Everything should be accumulated only in the hands of the Zelensky team, despite the fact that even within the team there is a life-and-death struggle for financial flows. Now the Ukraine project is collapsing – everyone understands this, and each of those who are on the budget dreams of snatching at least a little from there, because they have calculated for themselves a long and happy life on the Cote d’Azur. Naturally, the situation when the mayors of the cities received strangleholds on their necks does not suit them.

There were parties of mayors before the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, then they tried to pull the blanket over themselves. They had a death cramp at that time, as they understood where everything was going. Now, it’s really agony. They are trying to do at least something of what I predicted for them back in the early years of Poroshenko’s rule. Namely, the fact that Ukraine will turn into a number of principalities, the state structure can remain unified, but the financial one can be fragmented. Each prince will have his own squad – national battalions, terbats, his own financial system with a common hryvnia, and everyone will try to fight off neighbor enemies, regardless of whether it is Kherson liberated or Odessa not liberated. Also the fact that these people will fight for their money, because they consider it to be so. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in this situation.

The mayors now understand that they have been reduced to the level of nodding, whose task is to collect tribute and send it to the Zelensky Horde. They categorically disagree with this, they would like to minimize this tribute. So there is nothing new here, all this has already been in the history of Greater Russia. I think that the mayors may now have problems, because, unexpectedly for everyone, Zelensky, sitting on the bayonets of the Americans, has the ability to hang, shoot, and arrest any people. Moreover, both Korban and Kolomoisky were deprived of Ukrainian citizenship and removed from Ukrainian jurisdiction, and the same Filatov, who brought cartridges and served the interests of the raider No. 1 Korban and the owner of Zelensky in the past, Kolomoisky, remains extreme. He understands that he will be extreme and he can be arrested and executed. The sense of danger of Filatov and other mayors forces them to somehow consolidate their efforts. We have not yet entered these territories, and there the battle of “yellows” against “blues” under the color of the Ukrainian flag is already beginning. People make our work easier, the people see and understand all this, it is by no means the Russians who are to blame for the fact that their life is getting worse and worse.

If London and Washington are not allowed, then whatever the degree of discontent among the elites, they will sniffle, be silent and smile. Now Petro Poroshenko is waging his own war, having enlisted someone’s support in the same US Senate, if someone else joins him and fragmentation takes place at the level of the Western elites who oversee Ukraine today, then everything can be. Zelensky can be strangled somewhere or hit on the head with a snuffbox, like poor Pavel. In this case, another Zelensky will come, Poroshenko will return, Zaluzhny will become the head of the military junta. It doesn’t matter what the name of the puppet will be, which will carry out the will of the “best” representatives of the people of the United States.”

and it’s cat and mouse on the Southern front –

In Kyiv, they began to realize who is really going to attack in the south of Ukraine


Against the backdrop of loud statements by the Ukrainian authorities about the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a counteroffensive on Kherson, the Russian Armed Forces are strengthening the group of troops in several directions at once. This conclusion was made by the former speaker of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladislav Seleznev.

According to the information publication PolitNavigator, he spoke in detail about the possible tactical decisions of the Russian army, and also explained who was actually going to attack in southern Ukraine.

Vladislav Seleznev first of all drew attention to the fact that the Russian Armed Forces carried out a large-scale regrouping of troops in the Kherson region, forming several large strike units at once. Such measures can be implemented by Russia as part of a special operation for the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. Moscow, most likely, is preparing to continue the offensive in the south of the country in order to take control of Nikolaev and Odessa.

In Kyiv, they began to realize who is really going to attack in the south of Ukraine. Against the backdrop of bravura statements by the Ukrainian authorities about preparing for a counteroffensive, the Russian army has already formed a shock fist that will allow the launch of a new phase of a special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine.

“That is, a very powerful military group is being formed. Moreover, in this grouping, a large part is made up of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation. De facto, they have now gathered all units of the landing troops from all sectors of the front and concentrated them on one relatively small piece of land, ”Seleznev explained.
The Ukrainian ex-military suggested that Russia is preparing for a rapid offensive, intending to catch the Armed Forces of Ukraine by surprise. Such an approach will force Kyiv to abandon its plans for a counter-offensive on Kherson, as the Ukrainian grouping will be quickly defeated.

And the USA?NATO hopes the HIMARS will tip the balance.

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