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Russians don’t need Europe

Europe, the EU is a fascist entity. Refusing Russians a visa. Who do they think they are? Still living in colonial times?

They (politicians and elites) are racist and keep on isolating themselves.

Russians don’t need Europe, they have lots of beautiful places to visit.

Leave them to be without gas, electricity and let them riot. First there must be pain and demolition after that a new Europe can be built.

Or you Europeans will be lost in poverty and pain for many years to come!

Sonja Van Den Ende

Journalists Who Challenge NATO Narratives Are Now ‘Information Terrorists’

We will have to answer to the “law” as “war criminals”

A US state department sponsored round table on “countering disinformation” was recently held at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.
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One Response to “Russians don’t need Europe”

  1. newensign says:

    Interesting Tap, Senator Richard H Black The US and NATO don’t care how many Ukrainians die, while he mentioned when people stood in front of a Russian tank it stopped, but said an American tank would not stop! He also said the Russians were careful not to destroy infrastructure. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GCOE3Ncmeg