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Brian’s analyses are unfailingly excellent, but this is one of his best. In his quiet, modest way he goes through the Pentagon briefing for the press and incisively exposes the lies and propaganda of the Pentagon as it digs itself an ever deeper hole. These lies the media are fed then become their headlines which are totally misleading and untrue.  Brian does not hesitate to call out the US for its deplorable ‘foreign policy’ and trouble making throughout the world. He corrects the lies with truthful, realistic information.  Since he has a military background he has intimate knowledge of the training that is necessary to use weapons and weapons systems. What is actually happening is a burst of business for the MIC.



– Russian forces continue to make incremental progress along the Siversk-Bakhmut defense line even according to pro-Ukrainian sources;

– There is no sign of any Ukrainian offensive around Kherson, even according to the Western media;

– Another US-supplied HIMARS has been destroyed according to the Russian MoD, that is now 8 out of 16 sent to Ukraine destroyed; – The Pentagon is now struggling to explain why it is unable to supply Ukraine with sufficient weapons needed to execute the ever-pending “Kherson Offensive” yet to materialize;

– Claims made by the Pentagon regarding the effectiveness of various weapon systems sent have been contradicted by recently discovered documents from the US military itself;

– The US Army claims the effectiveness of common US anti-tank weapons like the Javelin and the AT-4 is around 19% among trained US soldiers. This would be much lower among Ukrainian troops;

– The Western media has decided to assign credit to Ukraine for a recent explosion in Crimea despite Kiev denying any involvement;

– Ukraine is shelling Zaporozhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in an attempt to force Russian troops to leave through international pressure;



Live UA Map – Ukraine Map (pro-Ukrainian):

Defense Politics Asia – Ukraine Map (more objective):

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