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Russia warns of another Chernobyl over Ukraine’s attacks – there have been 12 since mid-July

Kiev’s shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant could result in a worst-case scenario, Moscow warns

Russia warns of another Chernobyl over Ukraine's attacks

Ukraine’s ongoing attacks on the Russia-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant may cause a far worse disaster for Europe than the current energy crisis, a Russian Defense Ministry official has warned.

Igor Kirillov, who heads Russia’s Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Troops, illustrated the likely worst-case scenario of a direct hit on Europe’s largest nuclear plant, during a briefing on Thursday. He showed journalists a map, with plumes of radioactive material from the site reaching Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Belarus and even Germany.

He blamed Ukraine’s Western backers for trying to downplay the danger of targeting the atomic plant, and forgetting the lessons of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the 2011 Fukushima nuclear incident.

According to Kirillov, both disasters involved “the failure of support systems, the disruption of power supply and partial and complete shutdown of the cooling systems, which led to overheating of nuclear fuel and the destruction of the reactor”.

Ukraine planning nuclear provocation on Friday – Moscow

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Ukraine planning nuclear provocation on Friday – Moscow

The fallout of the Chernobyl disaster affected some 20 countries, while causing 4,000 deaths, a major spike in cancer cases, and the permanent relocation of around 100,000 people. The effects of the Fukushima nuclear incident might seem “insignificant” at first glance, but up to 500,000 people have abandoned their homes because of it, he noted.

“Our experts believe that the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces may cause a similar situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,” Kirillov said.

Strikes by the Kiev forces could render the plant’s cooling systems and other support infrastructure inoperable, which would lead “to overheating of the core and, as a result, the destruction of reactor units at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, with the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere and their spreading for hundreds of kilometers,” he warned.

“Such an emergency will cause mass migration of the population and will have more catastrophic consequences than the looming energy crisis in Europe,” the military official added.

Moscow has accused Kiev of carrying out 12 attacks on the nuclear facilitity, which provides energy to both Russian- and Ukrainian-controlled areas, since mid-July.

Ukraine insists that Russian forces are shelling the site, while accusing them of stationing military hardware at the plant. The Russian side has denied both accusations, while also urging International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts to visit the Zaporozhye facility to see what is actually happening.


2 Responses to “Russia warns of another Chernobyl over Ukraine’s attacks – there have been 12 since mid-July”

  1. Occams says:

    I casually mentioned this to a few people yesterday. Not ONE knew of this, nor that a broke actor, in 2 years, has manged to buy a run-to in Miami for $38mil, and socked away almost a billion offshore, so if he blows a reactor, he’s safely gone, fvk the country and its people, right?

    But yes; Stand with Ukraine!

  2. Mr Dude says:

    This is interesting, an American psychic who takes questions on her blog and she is very seldom wrong. Check her out her blog is called Psychic Focus Lynn she is easy to find and it’s all mostly free to read.

    A reader asked about possible nuclear attacks in NYC:

    A. When I focus on this I get they are preparing people for what is to come in the upcoming months. In highly concentrated areas where people have had the beer bug shot, the Powers That Were know there are some behaviors that will result once 5G is switched into full force.

    I get the toxins or metallic particles within the shot hide in protein sources and the liver. The protein source, namely the brain will be highly reactive once 5G alters these particles. Some people may notice they experience headaches or just feel off. It will be like a flu that doesn’t seem to go away. Others may find that they just cannot think clearly and don’t have control of their emotions. I see these toxic particles essentially disconnecting or inhibiting the ability for the mind of think freely, and the person reverts more to a reptilian brain mindset of just getting through the day.

    Other people will also have autoimmune issues and liver issues (as I said above it likes to hide there) which translates into various skin conditions. As the evidence of these illnesses or behaviors come forward, they will say it was nuclear poisoning to fulfill the fear, keep people inside and explain what is going on. I get this will be especially important as we approach the upcoming campaigning and vote in 2024.

    As a side note to diminish some of the fear, I do see that nuclear facilities exist. The power and subs are real. Meltdowns and waste are real, but the bombs are not. Two things come forward to me to support this. One, I have clients everywhere, some lived to witness Hiroshima and they saw fire bombs go off. If it were truly nuclear the vegetation would still show that story. Second, I have clairaudiently heard that “There are crazy people all over the world. If they were real someone, somewhere would have used this in war or against an enemy by now.”

    And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you. Love and light, Lynn