Russia is starting to realise their enemy is not Ukraine but Britain

  1. Russian reprisals against the UK to date have not been reported. Covered up as fireworks explosions or meteor strikes. Check out RAF Welford and other fires in the UK on this blog.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    Very interesting comments about UK Intelligence service by the guy in that vid. They make sense to me, I’ve always suspected the nefarious hand of Perfidious Albion is more central in all this than is admitted. But they’ve also got me scratching my head

    If this is true then why? First implication is that UK is just as compromised by WEF/Davos mania as the EU and the US Dems are

    Further, according to Tom Luongo then, US big money [Wall Street], particularly Blackrock and chums, are on the OTHER side of this split. The WEF totalitarian madness that they plan includes Central Bank Digital Currency of course. Hence there will no need for Commercial Banks under Davos mania. Not something that Wall Street views kindly at all, he says

    It truly is a bizarre world if half the western elite is on the other side. Particularly so if the City of London has chosen the wrong horse, so unlike them but this is surely what this also implies. The UK state never acts against the City does it?

  3. Tapestry says:

    Alexander Mercouris says the problem for the West is that they don’t have an off ramp.

    UPDATE – are the West holding back on some of their weaponry getting Russia to overreach and then hitting them with whatever weapon system it is – possibly space weapon that starts massive fires instantly across a wide area.  The fires and explosions in Crimea, the Moskva etc.

    If so the use of this weapon is extremely dangerous.  Russia will ultimately respond against the UK.  And this could be with nuclear weaponry.

    Tapestry – Military Summary channel states that Ukraine is in fact a war between Russia and the United Kingdom. British Intelligence was behind the HIMARS attack on the Wagner headquarters in Popasna. Likewise the attack on the airfield in Crimea, the Moskva and other attacks. At some point Russia will no doubt register its disapproval with the UK directly. There was the attack on RAF Welford in April after the Moskva was set on fire. I am sure there are other suitable targets which would make British high command think what it is doing igniting the Russians’ anger. Locations mentioned in the post above might be relevant. The English Democrats are the only political party in Britain advocating negotiations with the Russians and an acceptance of their reasonable aims of their military operation in Ukraine. I would suggest anyone wishing to maintain peace between Russia and Britain joins and supports the party.