“Revolution Has Begun”: 75,000 Brits To Stop Paying Power Bills Amid Inflation Storm

“Revolution Has Begun”: 75,000 Brits To Stop Paying Power Bills Amid Inflation Storm

(ZH) The resistance is growing as more than 75,000 irritated people in the UK have pledged not to pay their electricity bill this fall when prices jump again.

“75,000 people have pledged to strike on October 1st! If the government & energy companies refuse to act then ordinary people will! Together we can enforce a fair price and affordable energy for all,” tweeted “Don’t Pay UK,” an anonymous group spearheading the effort to have more than one million Brits boycott paying their power bill by Oct. 1.


The strike comes as an inflation storm of high energy prices has obliterated household incomes. Brits are the most miserable in three decades as inflation is expected to hit 13%. And while Bank of England (BoE) Governor Andrew Bailey hiked interest rates the most in 27 years to tame inflation, risks are mounting of a recession.

On Oct. 1, the average household will pay almost £300 a month for power, the BoE warned. Couple surging power costs with negative real wage growth, and it becomes apparent households are being squeezed. This excludes soaring prices for shelter, food, and petrol at the pump — this trend is unsustainable and could result in social instabilities.

British news outlet Glasgow Live said the strike is similar to the “action in the late 1980s and ’90s to fight against the poll tax brought in by PM Margaret Thatcher. In protest, 17 million people refused to pay.”

UK financial journalist and broadcaster Martin Lewis said this about the strike:

“I think I can categorise it more accurately now, the big movement that I am seeing is an increase of growth in people calling for a non-payment of energy bills, mass non-payment. Effectively a consumer strike on energy bills and getting rid of the legitimacy of paying that.

“We are getting close to a Poll Tax moment on energy bills coming into October and we need the Government to get a handle on that, because once it starts becoming socially acceptable not to pay energy bills people will stop paying energy bills and you’re not going to cut everyone off.”

Meanwhile, Ofgem (UK energy regulator) Chief Executive Jonathan Brearley told BBC Radio 4’s Today on Saturday that people shouldn’t join the strike for two reasons.

“First of all, it will drive up costs for everyone across the board. And secondly, if you are facing difficulty in paying your bill, the best thing you can do is get in touch with your energy company.”

He added: ‘I would not encourage anyone to withhold their paying their bill because that just damages things further and it will impact them personally.’

Last week, the UK government slammed the movement, calling it “highly irresponsible.”

“This is highly irresponsible messaging, which ultimately will only push up prices for everyone else and affect personal credit ratings,” a government spokesperson was quoted by The Independent.

Don’t Pay UK believes 6.3 million UK households will be pushed into power bill poverty this winter, with millions more feeling the stress of out-of-control inflation.

People on Twitter responded to the moment by saying, “the Revolution has begun” and “a bit of civil unrest on its way onto our streets & rightly so.”

Perhaps the movement’s involvement will be an excellent proxy for the growing discontent festering among Brits that could result in civil unrest this winter as millions will struggle with keeping the lights on, the furnace hot, and putting food on the table.



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  1. Belyi says:

    People wouldn’t be so incensed if the power companies, most of whom seem to be foreign, weren’t making obscene profits to pass to their sharehoders.

  2. Aldous says:

    “75,000 people have pledged to strike on October 1st! If the government & energy companies refuse to act then ordinary people will!…”

    I’d be very interested to know how many of those 75,000 have had smart meters installed because they can be disconnected from the grid at the drop of a hat and flick of a switch.
    If they’ve been dumb enough to have a free – beware of such scumbags bearing such gifts – smart meter installed, then they ain’t very smart.

    • ian says:

      Not as easy as you think Aldous. Our meter packed in. My good lady, or better than I am at being organised lady, was up in arms, and the only option we had was a smart meter.

      • Gordon says:

        Someone has been telling you porkies Ian you can demand a “dumb” meter.


        Refusing a smart meter

        “You don’t have to accept a smart meter if you don’t want one. If your supplier tells you that you must have one installed, contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline.”

        See also: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/do-i-have-to-accept-a-smart-meter-aLLKl9O63dbM

      • Tapestry says:

        I am glad the blog has helped a few avoid smart meters. I bought a place which to my chagrin already had one. I had a traditional meter installed in series just before the Smart Meter and requested the meter be made ‘dumb’ . This has been done but maybe only partially as there is still emf signalling coming out of the device even though it appears less aggressive than it used to be. I tested at nighttime occasionally in case it had different settings. I am screening the wall with Faraday copper mesh inside the house opposite the meter and earthing the received electrical energy. You can also mesh around the box where the smart meter is located for upwards and sideways directional waves (earthing the Faraday mesh to the ground). I allow the downward and outward waves to pass being a nice kind of person. The neighbours are twenty yards away and the 5G waves are less intense at that distance. If the neighbour were easy to talk to on such topics, I would suggest he covers his outwards 5G waves coming my way and I would do the same for him, but relations are not at an advanced enough level so far!

      • ian says:

        Thanks Gordon, and Tap, I’ll try to have it removed. I’ve been away today and I’m just back. We were lied to from by the supplier. If however I have no joy, I’ll get some copper mesh like Tap.

  3. Gordon says:

    Shell’s last quarterly profit was 10 billion.
    BP’s last quarterly profit was 6 billion.
    Unfathomable greed. When is enough, enough? When the people have had enough.

    “the best thing you can do is get in touch with your energy company.” And what do you think your supplier is going to do? They are trained to squeeze as much out of you that you cannot afford and put you on a never ending increasing spiral of debt.

    Energy companies state that they are investing in renewable sources of energy like wind, solar and wave which are as much use as a chocolate fireguard, all of which keep the meters turning. Yet, with such outrageous profits it would be better to invest in tapping into our electric universe for free energy but oh no they won’t do that.

  4. Aldous says:

    What is Dirty Electricity and How it is Related to Smart Meters?

    Most of our wireless devices and electronics are powered by direct current (DC) at about 12 volts. However, our modern electrical circuits use alternating current (AC) at 120 or 240 volts. Our electronic devices have to convert the AC power to DC power. This conversion creates dirty electricity in the form of erratic electromagnetic interference (EMI) which is also a type of ionizing radiation such as RF.

    This dirty electricity travels through your home’s electrical system and radiates into the environment through outlets, power strips, wireless devices, and electronics, polluting your environment with “electropollution.”4 Smart meters exacerbate this problem by contributing significantly to the levels of dirty electricity in a home.

    Dangers of Smart Meters: Know the Truth

    It isn’t just Covidhoax kill shots out there but a plethora of satanic elite-generated shite to depopulate God’s Mother Earth.

  5. Aldous says:

    You might have already been contacted by your energy supplier offering you a way to more easily manage your energy usage, save money and budget better with a smart meter.

    These benefits sound tempting, but here at The Healthy House we’ve said we don’t want one. Read on to find out why…


    Welcome to Stop Smart Meters! (UK)
    Est. January 2012, Stop Smart Meters! (UK) is a grassroots campaign calling for an immediate halt and reversal of the UK’s Smart Meter programme – a £12BN white elephant in the making that will empower Big Energy at great expense to consumers.

    With the prospect of ever-higher bills via “smart” Time-of-Use (TOU) tariffs in store, the Smart Meter programme is taking some big risks with a variety of aspects of our lives and well-being. From the sobering implications of connecting our electricity, gas and water supplies to the Internet — making domestic supplies available to hackers — to documented, scientifically-validated health risks, gross privacy violations and a capability for energy firms to remotely control our appliances at will, the “Smart Grid” will come to be seen as a Trojan Horse of our time. The primary beneficiaries of Smart Meters will be Big Energy — any promised consumer benefits will be short-lived, illusory or dramatically overshadowed by the enormous disadvantages.


  6. newensign says:

    Quite right! Avoid a smart meter which charge on average 20% more than a standard one. According to Mark Steele of the 5G campaign in Newcastle these were used to cause the large fires in Florida, amongst the completely burned down houses were some houses unscathed by the fire and it so happened these were the ones that did not have smart meters! Secret Military Armaments Residential Technology! A householder can change his own meter provided notice is given to the company of your intention and to have the old meter available for collection once work is completed.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      I’m very interested in this “own meter” idea newensign. In theory you can avoid ALL bills with your own meters. This because the supply companies are just agents for collection, they don’t generate anything and so there is no supply contract directly with them, and there is no way of them legally disconnecting your individual house

      But I’ve never been confident enough to do that, not being certain that a legal storm wouldn’t land on my head somehow if I simply replaced them. Costs about £250 for your own meter. I even asked a couple of meter suppliers if they are obliged to tell the utility companies after they installed but they acted daft, as though they’d never heard that question before

      If anyone can point me at something authoritative then I would pursue this. The meter would pay for itself within a few months, if this worked

      • newensign says:

        Yes Pete, one has to go about it the right way and not act as their dead fiction “person” but a sovereign living man. A friend of mine in the West Midlands has had his gas meter changed privately, no repercussions so far – but early days yet! The paying in slip for utility bills is like a bank paying in slip which is the amount that’s been paid from your QCV account, so in effect the utility companies are double dipping” as its already been paid under the acceptance for value to comply with the bankruptcy act of the 1800’s.
        Yes Danceaway, I’m suspicious like you, because there is a lawful way to achieve the same result, but by refusing to pay, one is in dishonour under law. There are ways to do it both by their own statute laws (which require consent) and Common Law. See the People’s Lawyer where one can find draft notices for various circumstances

  7. pete fairhurst says:

    Good thread guys. I wouldn’t touch a smart meter with a barge pole. Anything labelled “smart” is, on general principle, deeply suspect to my mind. It actually means dumb ass, certainly any modern consumer falling for it

    Yes Gordon that sounds correct, you can insist on an analogue and insist on a smart meter being replaced by an analogue, I think

    And yes Aldous, domestic electricity is dirty. I bought Artur Firstenberg’s seminal book “Invisible Rainbow” a few years back. But I’ve not summoned up the courage to read it yet

    I would add one thing. Why pollute your house with “always on” wifi? So at least switch it off overnight. Better still, connect your router via ether cable directly into the nearest house electrical socket, using a tp link, which just plugs into the nearest electrical socket. Then connect your pc/mac/mobile to the web using another tp link and ether cable in which ever socket in the house you want. You can then turn off your wifi permanently. Runs faster than wifi too

    The tp links are not expensive. Tap told me about this a few years ago and it has worked well for me ever since, thanks Tap!

    • danceaway says:

      TP links have doubled in price, I was shocked to discover when I wondered whether mine needed replacing and had a look.

  8. danceaway says:

    Pete, have a look at the last paragraph in the comment on the post about blackouts which I have just posted.

    I tried to find the message on UnityNewsNetwork from David Clews who said he looked deeper into whoever is pushing this ‘don’t pay your electricity bill ‘ idea and feels it is suspect and could be a trap. I have not yet found the message from David Clews – think perhaps it was an email, but the opinion in the coment I just referenced would suggest the same thing? Worth thinking about?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks danceaway. I agree with you, my common sense warns me that it could be a trap. Which is why I want more than opinion

      On the other hand that comment that you directed me to rings true

      “Nevertheless, I believe energy bills should be regarded in the same way many of us have regarded the TV licence. We are governed by people who are worse than criminals. It’s time to convene in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood and not pay the Sheriff of Nottingham’s tax. I do not believe the Sheriff has the wherewithal to prevent an unstated non-compliance that many people now sense is warranted”

      I agree with that. They extract the fruits of our labour in every possible way. We’ve already paid for power generation out of our tax haven’t we? The supply charge is just another bonus to the evil ones

      I also think he’s correct in that they haven’t got the wherewithal to stop this if it really snowballs. They may just roll over and find another way to tax us. Witness the TV licence, which is now very easy to avoid by a simple declaration. Perfectly true in my cases too because I never watch the demonic goggle box. I was very pleased to be able to stop paying the state propaganda licence/tax

  9. danceaway says:

    Yes, Pete, I have read an opinion piece on UNN making a good case for their intention to simply put the tv tax in our council tax bill, as is done in Germany, I believe.

    • danceaway says:

      Yes, newensign, my SIL has explained this to me, how one must agree to pay but under certain conditions which they are unable to fulfill; I confess I cannot remember just now what they are, but I think has to do with the bill they send us not being a bill at al due to the fact we have already paid etc.

  10. danceaway says:


    This letter lays out some of the problems with the don’t pay campaign. In an email from UnityNewsNetwork’s David Clews, which I inadvertently deleted, he suggests that Hilary Clinton and George Soros may well be behind this initiative.
    He has been opposing this initiative and has been slandered in the usual way.

    Don’t Pay UK calls UNN ‘right-wing, anti-semitic, conspiracy theorists’!