Putin, Shoigu Pitch Russia as Main Opponent of Globalisation – Alexander Mercouris’ analysis of addresses by Putin and Shoigu

Alexander begins his analysis of the two addresses ( Putin and Shoigu) by remarking on the prominence given Shoigu, who spoke first and gave a lengthy speech, even longer than Putin’s.

He first looks at Putin’s speech: primarily the geopolitical and philosophical aspects.

Putin uses the language ‘western globalist elites’ who provoke chaos’.

Hegemony leads to stagnation. ‘Neoliberal totalitarianism” a model retained by force.

Taiwan -deliberate strategy of destabilisation.

Dictat of supranational elites with no loyalty to their own populations.

A new form of colonialism.

Alexander: powerful words which Putin would not have spoken a  few years ago

Shoigu – spoke of the role of Washington and London in planning and executing military operations; western specialists.

UKR treats losses as expendable; figures concealed; POWs testimonies

Specifically speaks of British role in conflict

Discusses other areas of the world; role of media in Latin America.

Alexander remarks on the extraordinary length of Shoigu’s speech.

In conclusion:

  1. Both extremely confident
  2. Global thesis as explanation of Western action

They reject the globalisation project and believe most of the world agrees. This is something new;  remarkable revelation. Up to now Russia has been cagey and used Western rhetoric.

The challenge is the struggle of ideas.

How will the west respond?


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