Prolonging the agony, and milking the war for vast profit. Britain can’t allow the war to stop.



Great Britain and Norway To Supply Ukraine with Micro Drones

Black Hornet

The British and Norwegian defense ministries have agreed to supply “Black Hornet” micro drones to Ukraine for free. The supply costs 9.25bn dollars. The amount includes the cost of transportation and training of the AFU (Armed forces of Ukraine) servicemen. The delivery will be paid by the British side, while Norway contributed 41.1m dollars to the project.

The main functions of the drone are reconnaissance and identification. The Norwegian Ministry of Defense noted that drones are quite easy to use, difficult to detect, and well assembled. The drones were developed back in 2014, their mass application began in 2018. It is noted that the drone developed by Norwegians is a leader in the global market. It is used in several countries, including the United States, Britain, and France. It should be noted that the UAV system consists of two drones, a charger, and a control tablet. The weight of the set is 1.3 kg. The micro UAV can rise to an altitude of up to 3 km. It is equipped with two cameras. The device may speed up to 6 m/sec. Thanks to its light weight, quietness, and maneuverability, the UAV can perform operations in different conditions and transmit highly accurate photos and video in real-time to the operator. As a result, soldiers have an overview ща 25 minutes and can assess the situation on the battlefield. The UAVs will be bought from Teledyne Flir, a developer of thermal imaging and sensors.

Great Britain and Norway To Supply Ukraine with Micro Drones

The AFU test drone

Part of the funds will be used to install special Nightfighter drone protection system, developed by the British company SteelRock Technologies. The total cost of the equipment will be 100 million Norwegian kroner. Nightfighter is a portable jamming system particularly useful to protect small patrols and artillery positions.

The supply of weapons to Ukraine by Western countries indicates two things. They still support Ukraine and they are willing to continue spending their budgets on the Ukrainian army. Norway spent a total of $213.8 million to Ukraine, while London has already allocated $75 billion since the beginning of the Russian military operations in Ukraine.


4 Responses to “Prolonging the agony, and milking the war for vast profit. Britain can’t allow the war to stop.”

  1. ian says:

    No expense spared when spending money earned by British people, some on minimum wage. They’ll bankrupt us, freeze us, and starve us to death if possible. The vaxx will kill many, and God knows what’s in store for the rebels amongst us who survive their onslaught.

  2. Mr Dude says:

    Of course Ian, all by design and deliberate. They’re actually doing a remarkably efficient job of it. If something doesn’t change soon we are all truly screwed. It might already be too late.

    The problem is the same in Ireland – country down the pan but half the population thinks things are fine.

    • ian says:

      As you say Mr Dude, half if not more of the population think that things will soon be back to normal. They’ll take us with them. We’ll be replaced by all the immigrants in hotels up and down the country.

  3. Mr Dude says:

    I got told years ago by a chauffeur that he was told by a bigwig back in 2008 that the UK population back then was nearer 80 million.

    I’ve since heard recently someone has done an analysis of Tesco’s current numbers which points to the same population figure.

    Would be interesting to hear more about this from somewhere.