Pelosi is a Beijing-run asset who enabled China’s naval siege of Taiwan

Pelosi Is A Beijing-Run Asset Who Enabled China's Naval Siege Of Taiwan

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Written by Yoichi Shimatsu

One of the questions related to Nancy Pelosi’s long drawn-out flight from Anderson air base to Taipei’s Taoyuan Airport is why didn’t the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLARF) dispatch its Sukhoi-30 or its top-of-line J-series fighter-jets to intercept her USA flight SPAR19 on a Boeing C-40C for a forced landing on Hainan Island, similar to the capture of a USN Aries surveillance plane on April Fools Day 2001? Or even easier, fire a DF antiaircraft missile from a partly submerged PLA Navy submarine? In the latter case of a clean kill, American military forces rushed to the South China Sea would have been helpless to prove that tiny bits of wreckage, if any at all, were due to a shoot-down.

Be very clear that the zigzag air-route taken by SPAR-19 did not fool Chinese radar tracking and radio intercepts, since every detail of the evasive stratagem had been conveyed to PLA intelligence by the Biden White House via its horde of liberal academics aka spooks from a U.S. consulate in China. Her itinerary was securely provided to Beijing central to avoid a terrible mishap, for example, a lone PLAF jet on patrol from a non-coastal airfield, for instance, near northern Vietnam in Kunming Province, sighting a fat easy target for one of his air-to-air missiles. Beijing certainly assured the CIA of Pelosi’s safety before her departure from Anderson.

The reason that the House Speaker was not either taken hostage or ruthlessly terminated is because Nancy Patricia Pelosi (nee D’Alesandro) is a deep-cover political asset of the Communist Party of China (CPC), along with her colleagues, the quisling President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, along with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and the missing-in-action failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Democrat cabal were collectively and individually involved in receiving billions of dollars in CPC-sourced campaign funding funneled through San Francisco Bay Area Democrat branch, a flow of illegal contributions that reached crescendo during Hillary Clinton’s “shoo-in” presidential bid during the 2019 campaign against the maverick Donald Trump.

In return for the massive war-chest from Beijing, the Democrat leadership agreed to establish a special “China committee” inside the Democratic Party leadership to guide and direct American policy on China and the surrounding coastal region, especially in regard to the impending Handover of Taiwan. That was the dirty deal signed and sealed by Nancy Pelosi, the senior politician in the SF Bay Area Democrats, and by Jake Sullivan, who was Hillary’s campaign manager. That these sneaky batards are Manchurian candidates is without a shade of doubt, which raises hard questions of the actual underlying purpose of the traitor Pelosi’s sinister mission to betray of a naive Taiwan.

Pelosi Is A Beijing-Run Asset Who Enabled China's Naval Siege Of Taiwan

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Pelosi Is A Beijing-Run Asset Who Enabled China's Naval Siege Of Taiwan

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For verification purposes, I should note here that as the foreign journalism professor who helped to create the first-ever journalism schools in Chinese history in Hong Kong and Beijing, my sources on the secret Democrat-CCP relationship are impeccable. Throughout the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, I was the sole media pundit in China (indeed between Hawaii and the Middle East) to assert repeatedly in guest interviews on Chinese state media that Donald Trump would win the Midwest in a sweep to soundly defeat Hillary Clinton. The fact that my prediction proved 100 percent correct astonished the Chinese leadership, which had placed all its bets on Ms. Clinton and her Democratic Party winning the White House.

While I am on this topic, that is breaking the bad news of treason in high places, I was disgusted by the illicit “relationships” between the pro-Democrat American academic posted to China, especially of the many of homosexual preference. Gay rights, meaning blow and bonk sessions with minions of the rival power, is treason for both Americans and Chinese involved in diplomatic affairs. A lot of American fellows, who have no association with government, of course can do whatever with consenting Chinese persons of either orientation, because that as Lebron James put it is “none of my bidness”. I speak here assertively as a longtime advocate of friendship and common interest between the USA and China, as reflected in historical opposition to colonialism and in political support of justice for the poor peasants. These are two great nations, bound by centuries of friendship and trade, whose fine record of partnership with patriotism is being besmirched by the cunning lies and vile habits of the self-styled elitist liberals in both countries.

Why Now?

Since the start of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, the Chinese leadership and party rank-and-file have watched in awe the Kremlin’s bold challenge to America’s long-standing position as the sole global superpower. Vladimir Putin’s decisiveness in dealing a death blow to that arrogant western alliance called NATO was astonishing to the Chinese, who clearly remember the Clinton-Blair invasion of Yugoslavia, which included the cynical bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade on the night of May 7, 1999. That moment of national humiliation and grief for the Chinese, Serbians and Russians ended on this past February 24, as Russian fighter-jets wiped out the Ukrainian air force on the ground in defiance of the stunned western alliance. Arrogance precedes the fall, and misery follows.

The Russian armed forces crushing blows against the NATO puppet regime in Ukraine, highlighted by the timidity of the Americans and Western Europeans, signaled to Beijing that the historic moment had come at last to boldly challenge American power in the South China Sea to reunite the Province of Taiwan with the Mainland. The assassination of the warmongering Japanese “hero” Shinzo Abe served as another act of instigation for the looming confrontation over Taiwan’s de facto “independence” or, more accurately, the 51st state of the USA.

The Beijing geo-strategists, however, were stumped by the lack of a diplomatic pretext for open hostilities against the “rebel” government of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and potential naval clashes with the U.S. Seventh Fleet. Her ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been especially obnoxious to the Confucian mindset, which demands honesty about motivation, due to the CIA’s deployment of the Sunflower youth movement, which is registered as an NGO (non-governmental organization) as a civil group that is supposedly nonpartisan and non-political, under Taiwanese law. The chutzpah of upstart Soros-funded democrats, backed by pro-Israeli American Jewish think-tanks including the the Zionist-oriented Hudson Foundation, rankled even the leadership of the once-ruling Kuomintang (Nationalist Party), which has been drawing ever-closer to the CCP, a “frenemy” relationship of alliance and violent competition that goes back to the 1920s. Pelosi was lucky indeed that some enraged KMT activist did not give her the Lee Harvey Oswald. Watch your back, Nancy, overseas and on the meth-addled streets of touristy Sausalito.

The willingness of Taiwan’s Tsai to harbor Hong Kong’s radical dissidents was perhaps the last straw for the renewed CCP-KMT old-timers, who realized that the time has come to put the foot down on liberal American-worshiping punks of Taiwanese noveau riches lineage. Meanwhile, the political strategists in Beijing were twiddling their thumbs, sweating about the absence of a plausible pretext for warfare from the suddenly meek Tsai regime, who are more fearful of their own conservative Taiwanese soldiers than of the Mainland’s “peacekeeping forces”. If there’s anything to learn from the Taiwanese situation, is that liberals are hypocritical swine wherever they may be, in Budapest, Helsinki, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur or Kansas.

Therefore, some bright American Studies scholar in Beijing figured out how to bait the hook. As a paid-for asset of China, the Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could provide the necessary pretext of “political meddling” for mainland China’s People’s Liberation Army to launch a massive naval siege of that soon-to-be beleaguered island. While fobbed off to the news media as a mission in support of Taiwanese democratic autonomy, the actual motive behind her treacherous journey to Taipei was exactly the opposite, which was to provide China with sufficient diplomatic grounds to launch military “exercises” against that semi-independent province.

Pelosi’s treachery against the Taiwanese public is based on decades of unregistered Chinese funding of the California Democratic Party, especially the leading politicians in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since the days of Jack London who agitated for a Chinese Exclusion Act, to prevent the immigrant shipments of California gold back to China, the China-man has been an all-too easy target, being guilty of one infraction or another and unable to defend himself to a mob, arousing American racial anger. Today, it is the newer immigrants from India, Jamaica and the Gulf who are eager to push aside the Chinese American from their high-paying positions in Silicon Valley as well as the federal and state payrolls. Therefore the Chinese must pay a special fee to the Democrat Party in protection money, and there’s Nancy with an open purse ready to collect.

As for Taiwan, selling out Taipei is merely an issue of immigration visas for Taiwanese computer engineers as Congress pushes to reestablish tech production in the USA. The Democrats are not about to bemoan the fate of Taiwanese farmers, restauranteurs and fishermen, who are facing the threat of Mandarin cuisine, cheap box lunch diets and Chinese fishing vessels in their waters. Concern for the poor or the environment in distant Taiwan is not on the Pelosi-Biden agenda. (My own advice to forlorn Taiwanese is to relocate to the former KMT capital in Nanjing, a wonderfully out-of-date city still searching for 1920s nostalgia.) Actually, I doubt whether the mainlanders will despoil Taiwan as a conquered province, but treat the place as a touristic curiosity, thereby helping the economy of China’s 23rd province.

Ridiculous Routing

As if journeying in fright from Casablanca to an unwelcoming USA, the route of Flight SPAR19 must have been planned by Humphrey Bogart. The intrigue stated at the plane’s home field at Scott AFB near St. Louis, and then did picked up White House staffers and Pelosi at Joint Base Andrews, then to Travis AB, then flew to Honolulu International, Guam, Paya Lebar high security airfield in Singapore, Sultan Abdul Aziz in Malaysia, and then Taipei Taiyuan at last!

On the following evening, the USAF jet took off from Taipei Songshan to Osan AFB in South Korea, Yokoto Air Base near Tokyo and then off to Anchorage, Alaska, from where Her Highness Nancy transferred to a civilian flight with a large suitcase of C-notes gifted by the Treasury of Taiwan.

My assessment: Taxpayers’ money in the USA and Taiwan was misspent on the Pelosi junket. What did her trip achieve? A sooner than later Mainland siege of Taiwan. The latest news as this spiel goes to posting is that the PLA has just fired a ballistic missile over Taipei. No, this does not signal a planned nuclear strike against the Taiwanese capital. The purpose is to test whether an American flotilla on the back side of that city, that is along the eastern coast of Taiwan can be blown away along with tons of coral and seaweed. The answer is affirmative, that there is no possibility for a U.S. military landing on Taiwan’s beaches.

Taiwan is located 7,000 miles from the American naval base in San Diego, and 1,400 miles from the Seventh Fleet home port in Yokosuka, Japan. The crews of ships hit that far from home will probably have zero chance of survival against sharks, fast riptide currents and thunderstorms. Is the American public ready to fight a bloodier conflict than the Pacific War against Imperial Japan? Can the multiple nuclear warheads aboard Chinese ballistic missiles reach Washington DC, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco? Easily.

Instead of proposing diplomatic negotiations and military conferences between the USA and China, and strategists from either side, Nancy Pelosi has given the green light for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan so that her Democratic Party leadership can evade charges of high treason for accepting hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes from Beijing. My advice is forthright and clear: Arrest of the Biden cronies for a treason trial, and then hold an emergency election of a new president who can negotiate proper terms with Beijing for the best possible outcome for our longstanding ally of Taiwan and the Kuomintang Party. The Tsai-CIA gang should be sent into exile, preferably in Ukraine.

Note: The author was a founding professor at the first-ever journalism schools in China, namely at the University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University in Beijing. His articles have appeared in major news publications in Hong Kong, Tokyo and San Francisco.