11 Responses to “Neil Oliver: ‘It’s hard to tell yourself you’ve been taken for a fool but open your eyes”

  1. danceaway says:

    Who owns GB News?

    • ian says:

      I don’t know danceaway, but the video was excellent. The channel looks very main stream?

      • pete fairhurst says:


        “Announced in September 2020 and launched in June 2021, the channel became Britain’s first television news start-up for more than 30 years, since the launch of Sky News in 1988.[citation needed] It was founded with £60 million in funding, the majority provided by American television conglomerate Discovery, Inc. (now Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.), Dubai-based investment firm Legatum,[1][2] and British investor Sir Paul Marshall.”

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Warner Bros. Discovery EMEA is a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery. The subsidiary is responsible for managing the collection of their cable and satellite networks around the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

        One of the global behemoths who cover all bases. The wide awake club is obviously growing, so much so that the big bad media wolves have identified a market

        They ain’t on our side that’s for sure

      • ian says:

        Thanks pete, and no definitely not on our side. I’m always wary too, when the likes of these videos with Neil Oliver are allowed yet Vernon Coleman gets blocked at every turn. Neil Oliver, beautifully presents what the awake already know. Vernon in his inimitable style can challenge the whole medical establishment I suppose. Sorry, just thinking out loud, As you say pete definitely not on our side.

  2. gillypoof says:

    Perhaps the title could be “Ex BBC employee tells some truths”
    I wonder what we are not being told if they let this man tell us what we already know ?

    • ian says:

      Yes I wonder too gillypoof. Is he for real also or is he a Judas Goat. I’m always wary.

  3. danceaway says:

    This is what I suspected, Pete.

    Controlled opposition’s mantras – we will provide and lead the opposition; when they want heros we will provide them.

    Some of those who started out leading GB News were straight out of MSM. I fear they were wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is absolutely rampant now.

    Hugo Talks is tackling the issue and waking up a lot of people. We don’t like to see our heroes dethroned, including many of the doctors who ‘seem’ to have exposed the jabs actually lining up with some pretty dodgy luciferian organisations.

    I am still struggling to accept that Dr Tenpenny and Dr Madej might not be as authentic as I believed. I find it less diffictult to accept some others like Malone who still have such a finger in the Big Pharma pie.

    I even bought Dr Mikovats book!

    I wonder if some of them, if they are indeed compromised, have been unwittingly trapped. Dr Mikovits has personally suffered terribly from standing up to Dr Fauci years ago; he got her put in prison for five years! Or so her story is.

    Such is the world we are struggling to understand and come to terms with, and at the same time not be taken for fools any longer.

    • ian says:

      Judy Mikovits was pushing the dangers of the jab right from the very start danceaway, so if she’s with them, and I hope not, her role was to lure us along, ie they were fishing for anyone distrustful of government, and intelligent enough to be curious. Why would they do that, and what’s planned for us? The Noahide laws spring to mind. I hope that you are wrong, as being beheaded was never on my bucket list.

  4. Mr Dude says:

    I’ve met Sir Paul Marshall. Didn’t know he was the money behind GB News tbh but he was a bit of a knob.

    He also put up the money for a new wing at the LSE, where I saw him. That tells you all you need to know about the man.

    Establishment through and through.

    Neil Oliver however, is grade A superb. Best man on TV anywhere by a mile right now.

  5. Gordon says:

    “Of all the religious, political, social, and economic situations that impact our daily lives; the one force that inextricably connects the entire modern world is economics. It would therefore be reasonable to presume; that “the trap” ready to ensnare the world; is a collapse of the worldwide fiat monetary system. Such a collapse would most likely lead to a shutdown of all commerce (for an unknown duration of time). The daily services we’ve come to expect; including the food delivery system most of us depend on, would grind to a complete halt. This could be the precise moment in time, when the second horseman of the apocalypse is sent out to take peace from the earth, so that people will kill each other. The scriptures don’t say how many will die, but this horseman is given a great sword (Rev 6:4).
    It is time for all believers to understand the Revelation of Jesus Christ. God gave this Revelation to Jesus, so that he could warn his church, and especially change their expectations regarding what lies ahead, in the last days.
    Pray for wisdom and discernment; knowing that God will not let you be deceived.”

    The Second Exodus
    By William Kinney
    Maryville, Tn 37803
    Copyright © 2014