Mark Sleboda, ex US Navy, based in Russia, shares his perspective on the Ukraine conflict with The New Atlas

Two American borne ex military who  live outside the US ( Brian in Thailand, Mark in Moscow), in a very interesting discussion. Mark’s wife is Ukrainian with family throughout Ukraine; Mark is now a Russian citizen, so Mark makes it clear at the outset that he has a particular view through his circumstances. Mark feels the US strategy is to have as many Ukrainian soldiers as possible killed; that all directives for the military come through the US; that it will be very hard for Russia to win the hearts of any Ukrainians who have lost their men in this war and thus difficult for the Russians’ post-war management, which is why this strategy is being pursued.

4 Aug 2022

Joining me for this update is Mark Sleboda, an international relations and security expert based in Russia, and US Navy veteran.

We will discuss the latest developments in Ukraine including a recent Pentagon briefing and Western media claims made in recent days.

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