Mark Grenon Provides Chlorine Dioxide Protocols For Eliminating Vaccines & mRNA Shots In The Body (Video)

In the middle of July, I interviewed Mark Grenon, a Christian missionary who also used Chlorine Dioxide to aid in helping people’s bodies to heal themselves.  For that, preaching the Gospel and offering aid to those who were sick, he and his sons were arrested in Colombia at the behest of the US government.  According to Grenon, the US paid the Colombian government $250,000 to arrest them and $10,000 per month to hold them.  His sons were transported to Miami into federal custody and Grenon was recently transferred.  However, during our interview, he provided a means that he had tested to deal with vaccines that used Chlorine Dioxide and DMSO.  He also spoke of having success with the mRNA shots, claiming the CD would dissolve graphene, spike proteins and even glyphosate.  This could save your loved ones who have taken the shot.


His patch protocol for the normal vaccines was compose of gauze soaked in CD and DMSO added as well and applied to the injection site.

His protocol for dealing with those who took the mRNA shot was what he referenced as the protocol 1000 from Jim Humble’s book, which is 3 drops of CD in 4 ounces of water, every hour, 8 times a day for 3 weeks.  For those that this may be too strong, they should back off and start with a much smaller dose and work up.

This is only for information purposes and if you wish to have medical advice, please consult a medical doctor.



Watch the full interview below.

Watch:  The Universal Antidote – Chlorine Dioxide Documentary


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2 Responses to “Mark Grenon Provides Chlorine Dioxide Protocols For Eliminating Vaccines & mRNA Shots In The Body (Video)”

  1. Occams says:

    Well, if I had f’d up and done this, it’s well worth a try.

    I AM doing CDS several times a week. Noticeable benefits. 4 or 5 drops, mixed with water, combined with selenium, Zinc, and a pro-biotic

    But I’m afraid Dr. Noack’s last interview may have hit the nail on the head; It is NOT a vaccine. These are tiny razorblade fishhooks, and once ‘in’, don’t come ‘out’.

  2. Weaver says:

    Occams a very good point, however, some of the batches are not equal in composition so this method of using Chlorine Dioxide may help people who perhaps have only received a flu-like jab.