Makow-Don’t Be So F**king Naive

The coronavirus pandemic is a media creation, fake news, the biggest psychological warfare stunt in history.  They’re lying.
Their modus operandi is
to destroy you while saying
it’s for your own good.  They are destroying society to
protect your health!
by Henry Makow PhD
There is a scene in the Jewish self-celebratory movie, “Chicago”  where a wife catches her husband in bed with two naked women. She draws her gun. 
“Don’t shoot,” he says. “I’m alone.”
“Bullshit,” she says.
“Believe what I tell you, not what you see,” he replies.
She shoots him. 
In contrast, Americans, the most heavily armed civilian population in the history of the world are holstering their guns. 
This is the Cabalist MO. 


Destroy while convincing you that it’s for your own good. Destroy the economy. It’s for your own good.
Convince women to squander their most fertile years pursuing career and free sex because it’s “empowering.” 
Convince western nations to destroy their racial and cultural heritage because, “Diversity is our Strength.” 
Destroy gender identity and promote homosexual dysfunction to children in the name of tolerance.  “Love is Love.” It’s “progressive.”
Cabalists create false reality to suit their perversion. That’s why they own the mass media. It’s their Black Magick.
 The scamdemic is part of a larger pattern. We are under occult assault. 
Nothing can justify the economic devastation caused by the media generated coronavirus panic. The real agenda is make everyone dependent on the government by throwing millions out of work and destroying small business. Then, force everyone to accept vaccines and a digital tattoo as the price of employment and free movement and assembly. Marginalize  independent thinkers. Of course, this is all done to “protect your health.”


Shoot the f**ker!
Obviously an insidious agenda is at play. Why would the Cabalist Governor of Michigan, Esther Whitmer, ban people from buying seeds and American flags.  What have they got to do with the virus? It is about undermining patriotism and personal independence. 
Why would healthy people be barred from attending church on Easter? Banned from sitting in their garden or walking alone on the beach. This has nothing to do with stopping a virus and everything to do with teaching that we have no rights. We are powerless. 
In a pandemic, you quarantine the sick, NOT the healthy.


Due to their classic bullshit MO, everyone has docilely accepted the destruction of their livelihoods, economy and social fabric. Will they also passively accept toxic vaccines and digital tattoos? 
Do Americans already have a slave-like mentality?
Unless the Illuminati have a change of heart, it’s only a matter of time before the silk glove comes off and the iron fist appears, when the veneer of civilization evaporates and people are incarcerated or killed for resisting occult tyranny. Communism.
The Illuminati have overstepped this time. This will become apparent when the economic toll is measured and the coronavirus is exposed as the seasonal flu in drag.
Have you forgotten? We get the flu every year. For most people, it’s not fatal.
This is our opportunity to overthrow the central bankers and their puppets, our discredited political leaders and pundits.
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“50% to 80% of test-positive individuals remain symptom-free. Even among the 70 to 79 year old persons about 60% remain symptom-free, many more show only mild symptoms.”
2. “Just because people are not informed, filled with fear and have been mind controlled their entire lives does not make them less than the informed.”
3. Makow-
9-11, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Las Vegas, Paris, Nice, Aurora Co., San Bernardino, Orlando. We let them think they could get away with anything.

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  1. ian says:

    Exactly what happened and is still happening.