Jonny Mag-Jab Confesses his Complicity in Mass Murder

Did Shipman inspire Van-Tam to be the ultimate mag-jab man?
Professor Jonny Van-Tam is in step with the Eugenics plan,
So keen to kill, he brazenly wields the Pfizer spear,
A jab, loaded with poison and dripping with fear.


Drowning in an ocean of insane quackery,
Squinting and glazed over to his own depravity,
Charged with the fervour of his mag-jab insanity,
Prof Van-Tam jabs on and on, forever deeper,
Chuckling maniacally as he stabs each sleeper,


A myopic Penfold* to Bozo Pfeffel’s scripted piffle,
A pair of puppets, rattling, prattling viral drivel,
Both clinging to Pfizer’s wreckage in seas incarnadine
Amidst blood-clotted bodies, face down in waves obscene.


Little Van Tam’s actions are the confessed complicity,
Of a killing quack, neck-deep in murderous atrocity.

They Shoot Footballers, don’t they? was a piece I wrote about the mag-jab being injected into professional footballers and the inevitable consquences thereof. Since its publication, cardiac arrests have been suffered by an increasing number of footballers and other professional sportsmen.

Similarly, there has been a series of mainstream media reports of celebrities/media personalities passing away “after a short illness”, usually after they have been jib-jabbed. In other words, there is a cover-up going on of the harm and death caused by the vile vials being pumped into people’s arms.

The self-evident link between the mag-jab and the premature deaths of those people is being suppressed at all costs.

Whoever Jonathan Van-Tam really is, he is clearly not the most artful of eugenists. He has left a trail of breadcrumbs that is as wide as the seas in which he is drowning. Not only has he engaged in providing false and misleading medical advice to the criminal UK government, he has allowed himself to be photographed and videoed actually injecting his victims with the mag-jab. How interesting that he has been jib-jabbing the footballers of Boston United, a football team in the place of his birth, in Lincolnshire and one which he claims to support.

Just a few days ago, Boston United’s youth team were the opposition in a cup tie with West Bridgford Colts, in Nottingham. During the game, one of the youngsters had a cardiac arrest and died.

Youth Player dies from Cardiac Arrest during football match

Van Tam has connections with Nottingham as well as Boston –

He graduated in medicine from the University of Nottingham in 1987. He was awarded bachelor’s degrees in medical sciences (BMedSci (Hons)) in 1985 and in medicine and surgery (MBBS) in 1987 […]


After five years of hospital-based clinical medicine, Van-Tam pursued academic training in public health and epidemiology and developed an interest in influenza and respiratory viruses, mentored for many years by Professor Karl Nicholson. He became a senior lecturer at the University of Nottingham (and consultant regional epidemiologist, Public Health Laboratory Service) in 1997, before joining the pharmaceutical industry as an associate director at SmithKline Beecham in 2000.


In April 2001, he moved to Roche as head of medical affairs, before joining Aventis Pasteur MSD in February 2002 as UK medical director.


His unit is an officially designated WHO Collaborating Centre for pandemic influenza and research and a UK Faculty of Public Health “National Treasure” research training location.


Since 2014, he has been chair of the UK government’s New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG).


On 2 October 2017, he took up the role of Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England. In this capacity, he gained nationwide visibility during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. In May 2020, he was appointed to the expert advisory group for the UK Government’s Vaccine Taskforce, chaired by Patrick Vallance.



Note Van-Tam’s direct connection with GSK, his former(?) employer and one of the providers of the murderous mag-jab. But, hey, that’s a mere coincidence. Isn’t it? In all seriousness, this man is a clear and dangerous threat to the lives of those he influences by way of his medical quackery and should only be approached with caution.

Do his actions really amount to a confession? As my elderly mother is so fond of stating, ‘the truth will out.’

Jonny Jib-Jab, along with the other Big-Harma-Pharma proselytizers, is at the very heart of the ongoing atrocity by needlepoint.


Penfold and Van-Tam. Penfold is a cartoon character. God knows about Jonny Mag-Jab.

Footnote: shortly after publishing this piece, the following information was sent to me. On the basis Van-Tam’s male relations also have blood on their hands, I am reminded of the expression,

His involvement in the revolving doors of the HM Government and Big Pharma are detailed here, as are his potential conflicts of interest Source: BMJ Blogs



But of similar interest is the fact that his grand-father Nguyen Van Tam, served as Prime Minister of Vietnam from 1952 – 1953. It appears he was working for the French / Catholics against the Communists after having been schooled in France.


From Wikipedia, “He was known to be an effective servant of the French in suppressing any uprisings in his district with the most savage means. He was nicknamed the Tiger of Cai Lậy for his aforementioned brutal suppression of revolutionary groups in the Cai Lậy region of the Mekong Delta.”


In 1950 he was promoted to Director of National Security Services, The Surete which is the French created Vietnamese branch of the Secret Services!


Of similar interest, Nguyen Van Tam’s son (JVT’s uncle), Nguyen Van Hinh was appointed Chief of Staff of the Vietnamese National Army by none other than Emperor Bao Dai. The Vietnamese National Army was the Military Force created by the French to fight against the Communists. Also educated in the French style, he served in the “Armée de l’air and Troupes coloniales” before accepting a role in the army of the new State of Vietnam within the French Union. Hinh is somewhat of an oddity in the 20th century military history of Vietnam as he attained the rank of lieutenant general in two separate countries. He married an Algerian Pieds-Noirs (A term used for Algerian Jews, who had been granted French nationality by the Crémieux Decree).


Hinh returned to France in November 1954, re-entering the air force with his former rank of lieutenant colonel. For his service in Vietnam, he was admitted to the National Order of Vietnam and awarded the Vietnam Gallantry Cross. As a senior colonel, Hinh was appointed to the flight test center in Brétigny-sur-Orge in 1956, followed by an assignment to the missile test center in Biscarrosse. In 1960, he received command of the airbase at Colomb-Béchar in support of the Algerian War effort. Having avoided involvement in the 1961 Generals’ putsch,


Hinh was promoted to the rank of brigadier general the following year and appointed deputy chief of defence. In 1965, he was promoted to divisional general and assigned to the Central Directorate of Matériel of the Air Force, overseeing the introduction of new nuclear strike capabilities.


JVT’s father Paul Nguyen Van Tam was a teacher in Boston, Lincolnshire. He took charge of the Naval section of the CCF (the school’s Combined Cadet Force) and later took overall charge of the CCF.


In 2015, JVT’s brother Dominic Nguyen Van-Tam appears to have been a Professor of Health Protection at the University of Nottingham and also a Manager of Pharmacovigilance Data Reporting & Analysis at GSK.


As for JVT, it appears he was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1964 and now lives in Boston, Lincolnshire (I think with his mum), both of these areas having significant Air Force bases in their vicinity. He was awarded an MBE (military section) in the 1998 New Year’s Honours as Acting Maj Jonathan Stafford Nguyen-Van-Tam, Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force. It was awarded in recognition of his work in designing a medical kit to meet the special requirements of large groups of teenagers on camping expeditions. This sprang from his work with the Lincolnshire Army Cadets since 1988. His ideas were accepted by the Ministry of Defence.


What are the chances of the military and security services featuring in the life of an alleged epidemiologist??

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Jonny Mag-Jab Confesses his Complicity in Mass Murder