3 Responses to “It was all planned. Gordon Brown lays it out for you here, according to Klaus Schwab (WEF)”

  1. Gordon says:

    Never did like Brown the globalist. All I recall of him talking about as PM, even yet, was talking about global reform and here he is again talking of Klaus Schwab and his speech in Abu Dhabi to the Agenda Council.

    Sounds more like a speech to Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

    But just wait a wee minute Broonie boy, your stating here that “it’s going to force governments how they operate,” but aren’t governments supposed to be elected by the people for the people and not governed by the mandates of an unelected dictatorial WEF and its unelected members such as Schwab.

  2. Snigger says:

    Im not a gambling man but I do gamble every blue moon if I know I’m going to win without doubt. Back in 2008 Gordon Brown kept saying he wasnt going to devalue the £, George Soros took a massive bet and won a billion £’s…… at the time I thought Soros must be either addicted to gambling or like me know he’s going to win, Soros already worth millions or billions knew…. just a thought. Now look at George Soros and how he spends his money….

  3. ian says:

    These kind of things are why I think the Ukraine carryon is not as portrayed. It just ticks too many boxes. Energy hikes, food shortages, distraction for the masses, and distraction for us too. Possibly a homeland for the Kahzars, leaks of labs, but only for us, TV controls the masses and they won’t hear about it. A few thousand Goy cockroaches dead, neither here nor there. The Taiwan thing could be just the same. Fear and talking, and importantly, distraction from our ongoing current situation which is still hurtling towards our destruction, or at least the destruction of our current lifestyle.
    The Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery is in Eskdalemuir. It’s about 30 or so miles from where I live, and it’s in the hills of lowland Scotland. Jinty and I called in yesterday whilest out for a run in the car. We passed about 100 cyclists on the potholed tny backroads to get there. I believe that they were participating in the London Edinburgh London bike run, lucky them. The monastery is colourful, beautiful and exudes peace and tranquility. Visitors are welcome, even to sit in on the prayers and meditation which are constantly on. I recommend a visit to anyone passing. It’s approx 30 miles off the M74. I left feel calm and peaceful, a rare event for me I’ll sadly admit.