“If we can put up with this, what is it that we cannot put up with?”

In the second half of this video, Alexander discusses the Taiwan situation. He refers to a Chinese person writing on Moon of Alabama’s blog, explaining the meaning of Chinese statements. The first statement is in the title, the second is “We have warned you.”

Alexander then retraces the history of the 1960’s confrontation between Russia and China over a border issue. China was weaker militarily than Russia at that time, but was nevertheless willing to confront Russia. In the end it weakened Russia because they discovered they could not be engaged on two fronts at once. Alexander compares the US situation now to that of Russia then.

Alexander then quotes from an article in Global Times, which is the English language mouthpiece of the Chinese Government. Although the author is not speaking for the government, what is written would have had to be approved by the government. The title of the article is “We Have Warned You”.

At the time this was recorded, it was not known that Pelosi is planning to be in Taiwan overnight on Tuesday.



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