How most of the world sees the UK

via Andrey Mefodyev

and this next one created from the Russian viewpoint is also a great cartoon.

Who can seriously doubt that the world has been taken over by Satanists?

Listen to Senator Black describe how much he cares about Ukrainians being killed and maimed – exactly in his own words.

Making money comes ahead of any thoughts of the millions of ruined lives.

Russia has not turned against God and will defeat the Atlanticist world of greed, murder and mayhem.  In time.

I am ashamed to be British.  I support the English Democrats where England can make a new beginning.

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3 Responses to “How most of the world sees the UK”

  1. Aldous says:

    Another tosspot oinker from the Bullingdon Club Bratpack:
    Four legs good two bad as Orwell might say.
    I take it that the porker fatboy Osman-Johnson is ‘riding’ is Miss Piggy Truss?
    These out and out inhuman swine have absolutely no connection or affinity with decent folk and the world would be a much better place without the demonic likes of all of them.
    Sure, we need evil and the Devil out there in order for good and God to make any sense but not like this is developing on a potentially biblical scale that hasn’t even got started yet by the looks of it.
    Christian-leaning Russia, Serbia and Co seem to be the last stand against this Zionist nightmare and a nuclear Armageddon is preferable to existing as slaves of the satanic-worshipping scumbags.

  2. Gordon says:

    Excellent find Tap. Though the start of the video seems callus it is however the truth of the warmongering American mindset. Lets not forget that Russia also supplies humanitarian aid to the Donbass while the yanks supply Ukraine with missiles and anything else to keep the war going. What is most concerning is the fact that most people are so propagandized by the BBC and MSM that they don’t see this and just follow the flow.

    I was talking to a lad the other day and he stated that “Ukraine is going to win this war.” I didn’t argue the point and just left it at that because I find this to be typical of how people think.

    Regarding the oinking bonking Boris I’ll allow my favourite satirical comedian Jonathan Pie to explain his situation.