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Guard your cash. Octopus Energy has sticky fingers.

Dear C*****,

I was reassured by Octopus that the electric smart meter is now a dumb meter.  From what you are saying, it means that this is in fact not the case and you are still using the electric meter to make readings, although the screen on the meter shows only the name ‘octopus energy’, and no digits appear.  Octopus have already conceded that the ‘dumb’ meter I had installed is accurate.
As such I would be most grateful if the electric smart meter could be removed from my house as I am electro-hypersensitive as diagnosed by Dr  ******* of the Breakspear Hospital, and cannot sit near emf signals of that strength without ill effects.   I have informed Octopus of this fact many times.
I wear protective clothing as it is, and will now need to spend about £2000 on shielding the wall around the smart meter with grounded Faraday copper mesh as you have, as you now admit, failed to stop using the meter.
If you don’t remove it from my property, I will be forced to make a claim against Octopus for the cost of doing the work.  I will let you have the bill once the work is complete.
The work will be done within six weeks from now according to the contractor, so you have an opportunity to avoid this claim by removing the smart meter from my property within that time frame.
How do you respond?
You have still not replied to the fact that you have doctored the gas meter reading I gave to you and reduced it by three digits (thus increasing the current month’s useage).   You do not deny doing this.
The gas meter is not a Smart meter, as you keep suggesting, so please can you explain why you have chosen to modify my meter reading in your online billing.
I am quite prepared to listen to a reasoned statement but saying that the gas meter is smart when it clearly is not leaves me unable to respond other than in pantomime style.
Please will you agree not to doctor my readings in future, and comply with the law.  Or you will open yourselves up to a legal claim for tampering with correctly made meter readings.  I will simply submit pictures and prepare my own account, if you are not willing to do this in a correct and professional manner.
Thank you,
Henry Curteis

8 Responses to “Guard your cash. Octopus Energy has sticky fingers.”

  1. newensign says:

    This person could have saved a lot of money by just simply removing the smart meter himself using a qualified electrician, having given them formal notice and if they fail to reply say within 7 days, go ahead anyway but keep the meter for collection as it is their property.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Find me an electrician who is willing and he’s hired.

    • stevie k says:

      many people around the country Tap are having their “smart” meters and their ordinary meters removed and then installing their own meter. You have to notify them in advance and be prepared for some hassle but it is being done. They are not the “energy supplier” they’re just a billing agent.

  3. newensign says:

    I went to a meeting of the People’s Common Lawyer, where their was a man who did just that and had already done several. By being private and not a registered company he is not subject to government control and therefore does not have to pay tax or VAT.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I am located in Shrewsbury. Does he travel?

  5. newensign says:

    I don’t know the man personally. I spoke to him at a recent Common Law course at Neverfield in Sussex, but I will try and find out for you Tap.

  6. Aldous says:

    I have a stack of mailshots from the ‘energy provider’ inviting me to have a smart meter installed for free – beware Greeks bearing gifts immediately springs to mind.
    Why others are so gullible never ceases to amaze me.
    You have to be careful in the States because of ‘implied consent’ so I have a lock on my meter doors and a notice inside forbidding the installation of a smart meter.
    I do not have any problem whatsoever of reading my electric and gas meters when I’m asked a couple of times a year for billing purposes as it gives me something to do and get off the computer.
    I often wonder what they will think of next to keep us stuck in front of the brainwasher TV etc and not getting out and about as Mother Nature intended.
    Smart Meters are inherently dangerous to health and well-being of course and should be avoided at all cost anyway.

  7. Aldous says:

    I don’t know if its photoshopped but that image of diapered BoZo Johnson in the octopus energy van disgusts me.
    He really is a revolting effluent-like specimen of mankind.
    The very sound of his revolting voice is bad enough but his obese presence is even more galling and has me reaching for a second vomit bag.
    I understand that he has had lots of ‘liaisons’ and spawned children as a result.
    A pity he wasn’t shooting blanks the unfortunate kids might say.
    There are lots of things in life far worse than death and having BoZo as a father is near top of any list.