Arizona has come up with an innovative way of addressing the invasion at its southern border. “Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has ordered 60 double-stacked shipping containers to be placed in border fence gaps near Yuma, the state’s busiest illegal border crossing area. The containers will be reinforced with concertina wire at the top.” Will this work or will it be like all of the other ‘solutions’ which the invaders have up to now so easily circumvented? Is it meant to work, or is it a case of a Governor getting cold feet with an election coming up?

A friend of mine has, for even the most challenging problem, a solution that is clear, straightforward – and unworkable. However for the problem on hand, to wit, to protect America’s southern border, there is indeed a solution that is clear, straightforward and workable. And this solution does not require costly walls, electric fences, armies of border agents…..or steel containers welded together. Instead it will save billions annually. The solution simply means treating illegal immigrants for what they are: Criminals. And treating those who enable their criminality as criminals. It really is that simple. Illegal immigrants get no welfare, driving licenses, access to any public services. Instead they get deported. And the clincher. Companies and individuals providing employment and/or accommodation will be required to validate the immigration status of would-be employees or tenants. Failure to do so will result in crippling fines or, in the case of repeat offenders, incarceration. A couple of years enforcing such a system will virtually end illegal immigration.

And for this very reason it will never happen.

Here’s another simple, straightforward and workable solution, this time to the problem of non-British leadership predominance in Britain’s ‘Conservative’ Party. All those Arabs, Pakistanis and blacks must first get elected to Parliament. For this they usually require a safe Tory seat. Nominations to such seats are like gold and local constituency activists would never normally select such interlopers to represent them. What happens is that Conservative HQ imposesthese candidates on the locals, who dutifully if reluctantly troop out to vote them into Parliament on election day. And therein lies the simple straightforward and workable solution: Do not vote them in. Stay at home or even vote for the opposition who can’t be any worse than the likes of Sunak or Javid. At a stroke HQ will be thwarted, power will revert to the locals, who will elect people who look and think like them as their representatives. Parliament would be transformed.

Could it happen? It’s possible, especially if Britain continues to swirl down the tube at its current rate. After all, woke virtue signaling loses its appeal when you’re foraging for food in the woods.