FBI Whistleblower Leaks “Internal Use Only” Document Of ‘How To Spot A Domestic Terrorist’

FBI Whistleblower Leaks “Internal Use Only” Document Of ‘How To Spot A Domestic Terrorist’

(ZH) The FBI’s alliance with the Democratic Party has reached absurd new heights with a newly leaked document revealed by Project Veritas classifying what the agency believes are “Militia Violent Extremists” (MVEs).

The “Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive” document for “FBI Internal Use Only” outlines symbols, images, phrases, events, and individuals that special agents should look for when identifying alleged domestic terrorists.

Under the “Symbols” section, the document claims MVEs “justify their existence with the Second Amendment, due to the mention of a ‘well-regulated militia,’ as well as the right to bear arms.”

Below that, under the “Commonly Referenced Historical Imagery and Quotes” section, Revolutionary War images such as the Gadsden Flag and the Betsy Ross Flag are listed as signs of violent extremism.

In the “Common Phrases and References” section, veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was killed inside the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, was mentioned as a person that MVEs consider a “martyr.”

The document lists Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City bombing as radical and/or violent events in the past.

Project Veritas noted an FBI whistleblower leaked the document to them. The bureau’s elitist left-wing officials made no attempt to list symbols, images, phrases, events, and individuals of radical left groups, such as Antifa, who flies a red and black flag, the anarchy flag, the anarcho-socialism flag, and or a Black Lives Matter flag during demonstrations, some of which have been extremely violent and burnt down entire city blocks.

What’s curious is why the FBI did not bother to summarize symbols and such of radical left groups. It’s another agency the Biden administration has weaponized to target their political opposition.