Fakes are so easy

A soldier of military unit A 2802 of the 36th Marine Brigade spoke about how fakes are created.

Being in the summer of 2019 near the village of Pikuzy at the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he witnessed an explosion in a minefield.

As it turned out, a medical service vehicle, a Hummer, was blown up on an anti-tank mine, which was supposed to evacuate a wounded soldier from the position.

Two people were killed – a driver who, through his own negligence, drove into a mined area, and a military doctor.

In order to hide the true reasons for what happened, as well as to escalate the conflict with the DPR and LPR, Ukrainian servicemen brought spare parts from the Fagot-113 anti-tank missile to the place of death of their colleagues in order to provide journalists with information that the hammer was blown up as a result of shelling by DPR fighters.

After that, allegedly in order to take revenge, the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire on the settlements of Pikuzy and Sakhanka, where at that time there were civilians.