End of France’s Health Pass: the Resistance and Its Results, For Better or for Worse

ER Editor: Eric Verhaeghe’s reference to the ‘caste’ below is, of course, a reference to the very powerful French political class and the elites behind who are paying for it. We suspected the French (some of them, anyway) would find a way around having to take the fake vaccine but didn’t realize how creative such an avoidance manoeuvre would be. Check it out below.

We agree with Verhaeghe, that the threat of ‘if we react too strongly to the government, they’ll impose martial law on us’ or some such was a successful ploy by The Powers That Be to dampen down opposition to the utter tyranny launched on the population under the threat of a relatively harmless new disease (the true nature of which has still not been determined). We also believe he is right to characterize what happened to the population (of all countries, not just France) during the Covid nonsense was a type of internal occupation or takeover of a country from within. A ‘pandemic’ it was certainly not.

Verhaeghe, as he points out, has the benefit of insider sources and is able to shed some light on some longstanding, powerful figures in French politics.


An information update from France Soir:

On August 1, at midnight, under Bill 156, amended by the Senate, ending the exceptional regimes created to fight the epidemic linked to covid-19, the state of health emergency ends and with it the health pass. An exceptional regime which prevented people from moving around for several months without being tested or vaccinated.

… for everyone ?

Of all, the most injured were undoubtedly the caregivers and health personnel, subject to the vaccination obligation. Many of them have also been suspended, and have not received any salary since September 15, 2021.

The article below has been machine-translated.


End of the health pass: the resistance and its results, for better or for worse


The health pass essentially disappears today (ER: August 1). It is obviously a great victory for the Resistance, which mobilized, sometimes in pain, for a year. As very annoyed members of the caste pointed out (see tweet below), the Resistance finally managed to block the covidist madness, and to shake up the opposing line of attack, very structured and perfectly financed. But was the Resistance perfectly effective? I attempt here a contrasting assessment of what we have succeeded, and what we have missed.

Translation: Worth watching ⏭ The replay of this week’s parliamentary debates on COVID 😳. Enlightening on what’s at stake for the country right now 🏛. Antivax, a fringe movement? Their ideas won a first round yesterday in the Assembly though… Are we there yet 🤷🏻♀️?


It seems important to me to begin this analysis with a message sent by Emmanuel Macron’s former health adviser, who became number two at the CNAM and incidentally wife of the Prime Minister’s chief of staff. One cannot, it seems to me, better illustrate the spite of the caste vis-à-vis the Resistance than in this message noting the progressive inversion of the balance of power on the question of the vaccine.

Let’s not sulk over our victory

Eighteen months after the start of the vaccination campaign, almost a year to the day after Emmanuel Macron’s crazy announcement on the health pass and on the discrimination to which the non-vaccinated were about to be subjected, in a harder step than the first statute of the Jews under Vichy in 1940 , the capacity thus moved back. After a quick attempt to preserve the sanitary pass, the political twists and turns of the text resulted in a final shelving of the pass itself.

We have shown in what opacity all these operations took place.

Anyway, do not sulk over our pleasure.

The victory we have won is very similar to the victory of the Corsicans in the eponymous Asterix: a collection of disorderly tribes, sometimes enemies, have agreed to come together to fight the main enemy. It is necessary here to pay homage to certain “villages” which toasted more than others.

Let us first mention the suspended carers (and a few other professions) who paid with their jobs for their resistance to the beast, under the jeers of a subsidized press and in the total silence of their unions. May they be cursed forever, these organs at orders which have not moved a finger to defend the most elementary rights of the human person. History will play a very bad trick on them: I hope so and I am convinced of it.

But let’s not forget what seems essential to me: all those who, day by day, have resisted, passively or actively, the draconian rules imposed by the internal Occupation that we have been subjected to since the caste assumed its hatred of democracy. I am thinking here of those who have organized very powerful networks of contaminated saliva making it possible to obtain health passes with a certificate of recovery without nasal torture. These allowed thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, to clandestinely cross the symbolic demarcation line that the Occupation had placed around us.

Kudos to them.

And congratulations to all these people in the shadows, men, women, young, old, who have been able to cooperate to alleviate even a little, sometimes, the health tyranny imposed by a few usurpers who squat power and conscientiously scuttle the general interest.

The Double Failure of the Resistance

Should we gargle without nuance thinking of the slap we inflicted on all those who despised us (and the list is long, and kept up to date, that they do not imagine that we will forget …)?

It seems to me that the Resistance presented two points of weakness which deprived it of a more rapid victory. History will one day allow us to better analyze the hidden springs of these points, which, in my opinion, have not yet revealed all their secrets, in particular those of the discreet Macronian involvement in their deployment.

These two points are not the dispersion of the Resistance, as I have read a lot, but rather (and I will explain why):

1° the absence of cultural mastery in the face of caste hegemony

2° the absence of a political balance of power in the face of the locking of institutions

Of course, this is a personal analysis that everyone will use as they wish. But it has the merit of being based on very informed and operated observations “from the inside”, which seems to me to be an irreplaceable point of view to understand what happened… or what did not happen.

The question of cultural hegemony

A major weakness, it seems to me, and perhaps the only real weakness of the Resistance, is not having assumed its title of “Resistance” (after a muffled but real debate) and to being left locked into the label of “conspirator” and “anti-vax”, which ended up playing like a mousetrap.

It was obviously a scenario sewn with white thread to bring all the Resistance fighters into the same “pocket”, into the same ghetto, that of conspiracy. I am convinced that this classification was designed by consulting firms from the first days of the coronavirus epidemic, and that it served as a fabric as if it were velvet.

As soon as Peter Daszak, the American researcher close to the CIA, signed a tea towel in The Lancet to explain that any dispute of the animal origin of COVID was conspiratorial, the henchmen of the caste had a field day. Suddenly, fifteen years of concentration in the press took on their full meaning. The subsidized press cartel imprisoned all Resistance fighters in a ghetto from which they could no longer escape.

When the vaccine appeared, the script was written like butter to forge the obvious equation:


This sequencing posed, any word contrary to official propaganda was systematically stuck in the glue of the “complosphere”, which condemned it to marginality. Nobody ever talked about the resistance. Everyone talked about anti-vax, and there we suffered a defeat in the open country.

Discredit the messenger to discredit the message

The technique that has been used by the caste to marginalize us is as old as the world. It consists in “discrediting the messenger in order to discredit the message”. The innovation consisted of two points, in my opinion:

1° first to use global means, in proportions unknown up to now, to spread the elements of language which went well in the world press. I alluded to the RRM invented by the 2018 G7 (At the G7, Macron officially accepted that the CIA organizes Western propaganda in Europe – browsers will translate) to wage ideological warfare. For now, no factual evidence exists to demonstrate that globalized propaganda has spread through this channel of Western multilateralism. But there are many suspicions.

2° to industrialize the controlled opposition by financing the dominant opposition media which are responsible for attracting the resistants into the spider’s web invented and theorized by the consulting firms. Hence this flowering of so-called opponents (part of whom were sincere) who have or have had a storefront, and whose main role has been to lead the opposition to the mirrors of larks.

When I talk about opposition, I want to reiterate my conviction that public contracts have been signed with organizations like Accenture or McKinsey, or others, to discreetly finance opposition movements that have camped the Resistance in the image of the anti-vax, which corresponded to the objectives of the macronie. Through these public markets, opponents, associations, organizations have been secretly financed by the authorities to structure the Resistance and to discredit it, sparing neither their time nor their trouble to identify the most virulent, to constitute files, to identify opponents, useful listings on “D-Day” in the event of system drift.

By flying over these control techniques, I remain far from the possible reality, I know it. How many pharmacies and black cabinets have been financed by the pharmaceutical industry to discredit opponents, with murderous messages on social networks or complacent and misleading fact-checks?

And here, I am not even mentioning the toxic role of the Conspiracy Watch, the collaborationist organ of Rudy Reichstag, which resembles in all respects the Brasillach case of 1944. Nor am I mentioning the strange role of certain former residents of the system who hope to return there, and who have very consistently called for no anti-Macron policy for several months.

Mea culpa: the mistake of summer 2021

I would like here to confess a mistake I made during the summer of 2021: that of letting myself be circumvented when it came to being called the resistance or not. With several opposition “media”, we had this debate, with speckled foils, I agree, on the line to follow to oppose the dictatorship.

I’m not sure who said: “It’s better to invent your own narrative than to always refer to the past”. So exit the Resistance.

In retrospect, I regret not having rushed to impose this lexical register, because it would have simplified our narrative (I still think so) and it would have greatly helped us in the fight against the cultural hegemony of the caste. I imagine those who probably misled us that day did so in good faith.

Still, the fight to explain that the opposition to the covid madness was not anti-vax but a traditional Resistance to an internal Occupation would have been muscular, I have no doubt, but probably more buoyant in front of the opinion.

It would have brought two benefits that I have not been able to plead:

  • on the one hand it would have taken us out of the conspiratorial rut and placed us in a completely different historical reading
  • on the other hand, he would have questioned the posture of those who made the vaccine madness, in particular that of Laurent Fabius, ex-Prime Minister, and who has since then methodically aligned all the most pro-American choices and anti-Gaullists that can be imagined.

The question of the balance of political power

In fact, if we had wanted to carry out a realistic combat against the caste, we should have used in a much more systematic way the weapons which it used against us. In particular, we should have concentrated our forces on discrediting our visceral enemy, even our visceral enemies.

Who were they? Undoubtedly Emmanuel Macron, who, casually, came out very spared from this affair if we judge by the Uber, Alstom and McKinsey files which were announced, and which underline that his relationship to probity is much more questionable. That we dared not say. Jean Castex, former chief of staff of Xavier Bertrand, also came out unscathed, thanks to his stupid air and his low view which served as an alibi to divert attention.

Olivier Véran toasted a lot, for his part, and partly for probably the wrong reasons. They have eclipsed the real role of Jérôme Salomon, the Director General of Health still in office, close to the Kouchner boys who have organized the massacre of public health for twenty years.

And what about, I come back to this, the role of Laurent Fabius, who placidly and imperturbably endorsed the massive violation of the rule of law from the start of COVID? The same President of the Constitutional Council is the father of one of McKinsey’s clutches and, moreover, a key player in all the French deceptions of recent decades. A return to his role in bringing the Quai d’Orsay (ER: France’s ministry of foreign affairs) under the control of the American Deep State would say a lot about the nature of the game he is playing vis-à-vis France.

On all these characters, finally, we refrained from crossing swords in a tight way. Admittedly, we criticized their choices, but we did not decide to carry out real campaigns of discredit which would have hurt.

I think this was a mistake.

The Myth of Section 16

There are many reasons why we have not embraced the destructive weapons of caste. One of them, in the main, is due to the belief that circulated in the Resistance, irrational in my opinion, which affirmed that the disorder would authorize Macron to declare a state of emergency and not to hold the presidential elections.

This fantasy, which I have always believed to be inspired by power itself, has had a hard life. It justified that some torpedo in beauty the movement of truckers who were to march on Paris, then Brussels. More generally, it justified that all attempts to transform the opposition into a blocking movement should be discredited within the Resistance itself. If my hypothesis is true, Macron can say thank you to those who propagated it urbi et orbi.

But the success of this argument (“Article 16 hangs in our face if we go all the way”) testifies to a profound truth: the opposition to the Interior Occupation that we face with Macron has not reached the revolutionary maturity (some would say reactionary) to break the barbed wire that guards the border of our institutions. Basically, the “anti-vax”, who were the Resistance fighters, never brought together a majority of people determined to change the system.

My conviction is that this reduction of the revolutionary fact is largely attributable to the action of Macronist henchmen, who have always advocated moderation. Here again, the caste can congratulate itself on the profitability of the means it has invested in keeping its little world together.

One question remains: will the same mechanism succeed when the French are faced with the deprivations imposed by a war in Ukraine that has been sold to them like a Netflix soap opera? I am far from being sure… just as I would not bet on the leniency of which a Bernard Henri-Lévy thanks to his political and confessional supports. The best things have an ending.

In the meantime, the time may have just come to make up for lost time and to recall some originalities of individual careers that the subsidized press hides with great zeal.



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End of France’s Health Pass: the Resistance and Its Results, For Better or for Worse


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  1. Belyi says:

    I did my bit. A friend and I eat and shop every week in France, just across the border. Her mother, who is of a similar age to me, was murdered by the Moderna jab in December 2021 and my friend, having supposedly had the illness herself (although it was more likely grief at the death and the last horrendous 10 days of her mother’s life), obtained a pass.

    So how to eat together? Simple, I used her mother’s vax certificate. The waiter at the restaurant where we go said he only needed two certificates and didn’t care in whose name they were.