Ecocide: DEFRA issues UK wide letters warning of Bird Flu to cover up birds dying of 5G radiation

“Mark Steele reports: DEFRA (Department For Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) have delivered a UK-wide letter to the People of Britain, warning of an incoming bird flu pandemic (we received ours in Wiltshire 2 weeks ago). It states that there’s an outbreak of Avain flu (bird flu) in your local area. Really? When they’ve been distributed nationally? This letter is a cover up to justify all the dead birds we are seeing, or about to see on our streets due to the 5G directional energy weapon being installed by our criminal councils… THEY ARE KILLING THE BIRDS – KEEP THE PRESSURE ON AND STOP PAYING CRIMINALS Find me on Gab: @TomWho4 Please subscribe to my BitChute channel: Please subscribe to my Brand New Tube channel: ”