Dr Sam Bailey’s tribute to Dr Stefan Lanka who first questioned virology 30 years ago – ” We stand on his shoulders”


Dr. Sam Bailey’s video tribute to Stefan Lanka, who’s been fighting a gladiator’s fight for decades to reveal the fraudulent nature of modern virology and the entire “infectious virus” construct with which we’ve been so manipulated and robbed. Dedicated to the legendary Dr. Stefan Lanka. How did the virologist come to realise that the pathogenic viruses he was chasing did not exist?

We cover:
1. the misunderstanding of bacteriophages
2. refuting the HIV/AIDS dogma
3. the €100,000 measles court case
4. 7 points of how the virus story has already refuted itself
5. the end of virology….

[Infectious, disease-causing] viruses is a story, not a scientific theory.

“This materialistic thinking — that we reduce everything down to a molecular level and to explain life just on the basis of some molecules, protein chains or genetic material — you should keep in your mind to understand why they are always in search of easy explanations for complex illnesses.” ~ Stefan Lanka, 1994

Point 1: No valid control experiments for the claimed cytopathic effects

Point 2: Structures in electron microscopy are not shown to be viral

Point 3: No physical isolation or biochemical characterization of any “virus” particles

Point 4: No control experiments for the “alignment” of “virus genomes” [in the computer] and no confirmation that the claimed complete nucleic acid strands exist in nature

Point 5: Invented “in silico” [meaning that they are constructed in a computer program] templates are being used to find “viruses” in uncontrolled experiments

Point 6: No pathogenic viruses have ever been found directly from living organisms

Point 7: No disease transmission has ever been demonstrated in controlled scientific experiments