Donetsk – new fighting formula – mixed formations. working well.

Alexander Khodakovsky, TGC , 05.082022, 19:56
“We are applying a new formula – mixed formations.

We often closely cooperated with the Russian army in the same direction and to solve the same task, but we are forming joint assault groups for the first time.

Circumstances, when taking the settlement, they went for a complete merger – an experience that had not previously been encountered in this form, but interesting.

I used to frown at the phrase “allied troops”, and such an experiment generally deprives this phrase of meaning.
Russian soldiers and officers, and our militias within the framework of a single assault group –

contrary to some fears, everything worked out clearly.

The Russian connection with the group has failed – we are switching to ours.

The Russian mortar has an “abortion” – ours are taking over the baton …. One obstacle is the downpour: they are soaked through and rolled out in the mud – be healthy.”
written by DNR militia (presumably)