Daria Dugina’s last interview. Killed today in car bomb intended for her father, Alexander Dugin.

The world is now multipolar, she says.
John Mark Dougan on Youtube.
Daria’s father switched to another car at the last moment returning from a cultural festival.


Sonja Van Den Ende writes –

R. I. P. Dariya Dugin, daughter of Alexander Dugin, murdered with a car bomb.

I met her on one of the trips to the war zone of Donbass.

An act of sabotage and murder which can’t be forgiven.

Never to forget why we are fighting Western imperialism and crimes. They destroyed the Arab world and are now trying through their proxy war in Ukraine to destroy Russia. They will not win, they can’t win, they are criminals. Never forget Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine and now Ukraine…We are fighting against an international criminal mafia, the Western world has to be freed from these mafia and start to restore humanity and socialism.
God Is With Us (Arabic)

Dugin is called ‘Russia’s national mastermind’ feeding Putin’s speeches according to some sources.  Dugin’s theory of Eurasianism described.  The West has abandoned God.  Russia has not.  Russia should develop the will and reason to survive and not be taken over by the godless west.  Dugin and Putin are anti-Communist.  The geo-political contraction of Russia after Communism is the problem.  The Eurasian space needs to be re-established.  Russia needs integration with her neighbours.  Opposition to the EU, to NATO, to the US.  Great interview critiquing the west and globalisation.  Pro-spiritual separation from the West.

Alex – all of Russia is shocked.  This is a step too far.


via Russell Bentley – just another hero of the Donbass war

A glorious comrade died. Under mortar fire.

Call sign – “Old”. Together they fought in the unit of the “Chechen Motorola” – Timur Ibriev – “Taliba”. Sniper. Warrior by calling. Hero without quotes. A Chechen of imperial temper, he, in his fifties, fought for “a united strong Russia.”

He (in impeccable Russian) often said: “It has been proven by bitter experience: any weakening of Russia is a disaster for all its peoples. Chechens, Kalmyks, Ossetians, hundreds of other peoples can live with dignity, develop, be confident in the good future of their descendants only in great Russian state.

There was not even a hint of pathos in his words, seeing the “goods” that the “independent Ichkeria” tried to foist on the Chechen people – he knew what he was talking about …

In the other world, he already sees the prophets and knows our future: it will be great, before the expiration of all earthly terms, Russia and all the peoples living in it will defeat any dark forces that cause wars. This is the will of the Almighty.

Gennady Dubovoy



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2 Responses to “Daria Dugina’s last interview. Killed today in car bomb intended for her father, Alexander Dugin.”

  1. Aldous says:

    What a heinous and unforgivable crime.
    I suspect that the Western Zio-criminals who cocked the assassination up have already been dispatched for getting it so wrong.
    If Alexander Dugin had been in the car alongside his daughter then that would have been OK for these psychopaths but to miss the primary target while killing his daughter is a definite hanging charge.
    Russia doesn’t deal in knee-jerk reactions but in ‘revenge being a dish best served cold’ when the time is right.
    I can’t help but think that ‘The City’ (of London) is Number 1 on their target list as it is a sovereign(sic) ‘City State’ and not a part of England or the North Atlantic Terrorist Outfit/Mob/Syndicate.

  2. Aldous says:

    Are the Zio unhinged mentally deranged misfits about to throw perv Zelensky – or even Sleepy Joe Biden/Stinking Fat Wallah Johnson – under the bus and blame it on Russia as a result of this?