What is the chain of command that planned and implemented the attack against Dugin and his daughter Daria, the US Los Angeles Times indirectly reveals: “Since 2015, the CIA has been training Ukrainian intelligence agents in a secret facility in the United States”. Already in December 2021, in Grandangolo journalist Daria Platonova reported: “The security services announced that they had identified 106 Ukrainian agents who were preparing attacks and massacres in 37 regions of Russia. In addition to the constant tension on the political and media level, today we also have to deal with actions of terrorist groups in our country, fortunately, neutralized in time.” In this background, it remains an unanswered question on how it was possible that Daria’s car, on which the remote-controlled bomb has been installed, remained in an unattended parking lot with non-functioning cameras until  evening.

Maya Nogradi (Wide Angle director, and editor)  shares an exciting testimony with us about her friend Daria. What emerges is the figure of a young journalist and geopolitical analyst who played an increasingly significant role both in Russia and on the international stage. These and other elements deduced that Daria was not simply the victim of an attack directed against her father, but also the primary target of the attack.

In June Grandangolo  this year, in a report on  St. Petersburg International Economic Forum she summarized its meaning as follows:

The de-dollarization process involves the whole world. The United States and its European satellites will inevitably lose the global hybrid war they have unleashed”.

This is why the Italian and international mainstream accused her of “hatred of the West”. 

Daria was one of the main voices of that multipolar world that the West considers a threat to its dominance and fights by all means. This is the root cause of the disastrous crisis that is hitting Europe following the unprecedented increase in the price of gas due to the speculative mechanisms of big finance.

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This article was originally published on byoblu.

Manlio Dinucci, award winning author, geopolitical analyst and geographer, Pisa, Italy. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

Featured image is by 1RNK, licensed under CC BY 3.0