Daily report Donetsk front.

Little information was given by official sources today.  This was posted by Russell Bentley living in Donetsk.

The Allied Forces are having significant success throughout the Donetsk direction.

Today we moved inland: Krasnogorovka (Maryinsky district), went into the direct building of Avdiivka, are conducting additional cleansing of Maryinka and Pesok.

We work with all types of weapons, ranging from Aviation to archery and armored vehicles. Constant artillery fire is being carried out at positions, firing points, places of accumulation of manpower and equipment !!! The Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling peaceful areas of the Donetsk agglomeration, firing aimlessly due to their agony, feeling their loss in the entire Donetsk direction!!! The enemy in the evening report confirms the battles for: Maryinka, Peski, Avdeevka, Krasnogorovka (Maryinsky district).
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