Cyclist Rab Wardell dies two days after winning Scottish title

Introduction – Aug 24, 2022

In itself it’s notable that a professional athlete in the prime of life should suddenly die. That’s why it’s unusual that the BBC doesn’t expand on the cause of Rab Wardell’s death at 37, other than to say he “died in his sleep”.

We’ve cut the report short but if you follow the link you will find absolutely no reference to the cause of death. As if it were somehow normal for a man in his prime to suddenly pass away for no apparent reason.

Crucially, there’s also no mention of whether Rab Wardell was vaccinated against Covid-19. However, a little digging and it emerges that Wardell actually died of a “heart attack”, like numerous other sportsmen and women who’ve died recently.

For a middle-aged out-of-condition man it might be expected but not for a professional athlete in his prime. Or so one would have thought, at least before the advent of Covid-19.

Now, however, professional sportsmen and women dropping dead from heart attacks has become the new normal. Literally hundreds have suffered cardiac arrest since the mass Covid vaccination program got underway.

We do not know Rab Wardell’s vaccine status and the BBC doesn’t elaborate but he joins a growing list of professional and amateur sportsmen and women who have died from cardiac arrest.

The fact that the BBC doesn’t mention Wardell’s vaccine status or the cause of his death suggests that they aren’t interested in investigating any further. In effect, making the corporation complicit in a coverup of a massive ongoing crime against humanity. Ed.

Cyclist Rab Wardell dies two days after winning Scottish title

BBC Scotland – Aug 23, 2022

Mountain biker Rab Wardell has died in his sleep aged 37 – just two days after winning the Scottish championship.

Wardell won the elite men’s title at the Scottish MTB XC Championships in Dumfries and Galloway at the weekend.

The rider appeared on BBC Scotland’s The Nine programme on Monday evening, describing how he had overcome three punctures to win the race.

The former Commonwealth Games cyclist set a new record time for completing the West Highland Way in 2020.

Wardell, who lived in Glasgow, had been racing mountain bikes since he was a teenager, but only turned professional earlier this year.

His win at Kirroughtree Forest on Sunday was described as a “show of incredible resilience” by British Cycling after Wardell managed to catch the early race leaders to take the win.


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  1. Mr Dude says:

    I walked past the BBC’s health stooge, Hugh Pym in the street the other day in London. He’s tall.

    That was one very very troubled looking man.