Covid Vaccine: Victims of the Nano Meta Antenna – Medical battery

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COVID Vaccine: Victims Of The Nano Meta Antenna

Quote: “Compilation of people who have been unwittingly tagged with a nano meta antenna whilst receiving a COVID vaccine. The test is performed using a Neodymium magnet. There was no informed consent. This is medical battery. It’s highly illegal and victims maybe entitled to £120,000 compensation. Video clips via: on Telegram. 5G SMART – Secret Militarized – Armaments – Residential Technologies SMART The human race is being turned into the Internet of bodies. No informed consent. Victims Injected with the C19 bio chemical weapon. Be the resistance. Share this far and wide. Email the experts: INFO@SAVEUSNOW.ORG.UK Find me on Telegram: @SwindonYV Find me on Gab: @TomWho4 Please subscribe to my BitChute channel: ”