COVID Patient Thinks Hospital Tried to Murder Him


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This is a horrific COVID hospitalization survival story.

In the fall of 2020, “Edward” a 50-year-old American living in Los Angeles, survived attempted-murder in the hospital when he was admitted after being “diagnosed” with COVID.


Ed now does not think he even had COVID. He was simply having a panic attack coupled with depression and dehydration.

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Ed lives in Los Angeles and works as an accountant. He is 6 foot 2 inches, overweight and about 50 years old.

Even though he is very overweight, he is extremely strong like a sumo wrestler.

In the fall of 2020, Ed feared he had contracted the deadly COVID virus when he had a difficult time breathing. He did not have a fever or any other symptoms. However, he could hardly sit up, get out of bed and as he walked to the bathroom he fell down twice. He realized he was in bad shape and needed help. Alone, newly divorced, he crawled to his cell phone and called a friend, who came over immediately and drove him to the St Johns Hospital, arriving about noon.

The intake nurse had Ed tested for COVID by shoving the PCR test swabs so far up his nose that he cried in pain as he began bleeding a little. The PCR test came back positive.

Thus, Ed was admitted to the COVID ward of the hospital about two o’clock.  After being isolated in the COVID ward, a nurse administered the PCR COVID test a second time. This time the nurse shoved the swab even further up his nose.  Again Ed cried and complained that it was too high and hurting.  Blood gushed out of Ed’s nose. Next, the nurse said that they needed to run some tests. Ed’s oxygen test came back low so they told him he needed to go onto the ventilator to save his life.

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