Conspiracy Theories Tongue in Cheek

Here’s a satirical and tongue in cheek response to the UN Conspiracy theory poster.

1. What Are They?

It’s where people are working out and discussing what’s actually really going and using their brain instead of believing the bought and paid for corrupt mainstream media.

2. Conspiracy theories have these 6 things in common.

1. A secret plot has been actually been uncovered.
2. The conspirators identified.
3. Hard facts found through hours of investigation and scrutinizing official documentation.
4. Finding out everything is connected and leads back to the covert actions of the conspirators.
5. People are deliberately being divided to stop them working together and becoming a movement.
6. They identify false flags and false accusations designed to manipulate and mislead.

3. Why do they flourish?

Not everyone believes what they see and are told. Some people use their capacity for critical thought and look at the facts. Once they do that the truth starts to be revealed.

4. How do they take root?

When people get cheesed off with whoever is in power never making positive change. When the central banks keep you in debt slavery with fictional money lending and no politician daring to stop the scam. When the deliberate holding of the masses in a state of non empowerment whilst energy and resources are horded and not shared people begin to hurt they start to question things and wonder if there is a better way. Once the people start demanding real change they become a threat and have to be labelled conspiracy theorists.

When the truth starts to overwhelm the lie the discrediting has to kick in to protect the hidden power.

5. Why do people spread them?

They not spreading conspiracy theories. They’re discussing what is probably nearer the truth than most people can ever imagine. The few in charge on the visible continents and also the hidden ones are petrified of being discovered. They’re the wizard behind the curtain and deceit and slight of hand is the only thing maintaining their position.

They know 7 billion awakened people are a force to be reckoned with so letting them wake up and use their higher mind is not an option. Feed them bread and circus and they’ll be happy slaves.

Luckily, things are about to change.


5 Responses to “Conspiracy Theories Tongue in Cheek”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Excellent, and so true, thanks John

    I enjoy your posts here. I also hope that things are about to change too, but I’m not as confident as your final line

    Care to share with us the reasons for your confidence? No worries if not

    Best wishes

    • John says:

      Sure. Like many others I believe there’s a frequency shift going on. It’s just about to take us up an octave and awaken us. I had a friend who worked on crashed saucers and interacted with the occupants. He told me “they’re here, they’re an inorganic life form and they need human energy and will do anything to get it; even lie, cheat, manipulate and deceive.” They, know there’s a frequency shift about to happen and they know their source of human energy is at risk. They are desperately trying to get us connected to an interface between them and us that gives them access to us on a deep level. That interface/medium is electricity and silicone. Current world events reinforce my belief that something good for us is about to happen and it’s desperately trying to be stopped. Steiner was right on the money. The transition will not be easy. Everyone will go through it but everyone’s experience of will be different based on their current level of consciousness. Forget money, power and possessions. Calmness, balance and discipline through the transition will have true value. In essence. Tatsuijin as the Japanese call it.

      • danceaway says:

        John, does silicone function as graphene does? Forgive my ignorance, but there seems to be something significant about the forms of graphene which the German scientist who was murdered found in the vials.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Wow! Thanks John, lots to absorb there

        My instinct is that they are desperate too. Hence the mad panic to destabilize everything. If they were in control then they could be more measured

        One of the implications also being that vaxx refusniks will be at an advantage. Although maybe the chemtrails will mop us all up anyway

        Your final sentences make so much sense to me

  2. John says:

    I have no idea. I would guess that silicone and graphene gives the lower inorganic electrical based life forms a chance to reach up to the organic light based life forms.The great deception is that lower life forms have convinced higher life forms they they’re superior. Light = god = good. Fallen or degraded light = electricity = fallen angels and demons and technology = evil. It’s all about hierarchy. We’re on the light level. There is something above that and something namely electricity below. That low energy can reach up and into the minds of weak men with fractured personalities and sexual deviancies who then become kapos working against the common man. These kapos feel special and protected. Ultimately though they get executed. Albeit last. The thing is “they” always tell you what’s going on. Transformers; robots in disguise. Tech = demons in the world of man. I believe electricity carries an artificial and/or demonic consciousness and it’s hell bent on regaining it’s original status of light before it degraded and “fell”. Hence satan, the fallen one trying to go back home to the father. Or Pinocchio the puppet wanting to become a boy. It’s all there if you can decode it but you have to start thinking in terms of fields and forces. Not creatures and/or gods.