China vs US. Russia has drawn the lucky ticket – or maybe the fruits of wisdom.

Russia has drawn the lucky ticket.

China has begun to punish the US economically. The huge battery plant for Tesla and Ford never seems to get built in the US. There were also rumours yesterday that Apple’s suppliers in China are suspending production of components for iPhones and macbooks. And this is probably just the first noise of the avalanche – the West depends on China so much that full-blown sanctions could send Europe and the US into a knockdown. Our enemies’ economies are far from as robust as Russia’s, already teetering on the brink of collapse. China holds the remote control of the Western life support machine in its hands. One push of a button and burger eaters will see a threefold increase in the price of everything in the shops.In fact, that is why American politicians have been screaming at Nancy Pelosi to stop her. When you live in a glass house, it is bad practice to throw stones.

It is clear that China itself will also be hit by sanctions – its economy is dependent on both the US and Europe, as well as on Taiwan, relations with which will now be particularly difficult. Taiwan is the main chip manufacturer in the world, and if it stops shipping chips to China, it would be tantamount to a declaration of war.

Unfortunately, the Americans have left China no choice. After Pelosi’s flight we should expect either a full-fledged economic war against the US, or an economic war against the US combined with a forceful return of Taiwan to its native harbor. The “living as before” option seems already crumpled up and thrown in the bin.

Russia, of course, is completely on China’s side – first, we are in the same bloc, and second, the good side is completely obvious here, as in World War II.

Beijing demanded yesterday that the US withdraw all nuclear weapons from Europe (link). Russia, for its part, has fully supported China on the Taiwan issue. I quote from yesterday’s statement of our Foreign Ministry (link):

Russia’s principled position is unchanged: we assume that there is only one China, the Chinese government is the only legitimate government representing all of China, and Taiwan is an integral part of China…

We call on Washington to refrain from actions that undermine regional stability and international security, and to recognize the new geopolitical reality in which there is no longer any place for American hegemony.

Now everything is fine, we have both truth and power on our side. If the US had not relaxed in the Nineties, believing that Russia’s destruction was only a matter of time, events could have taken an entirely different course, one that would have been disastrous for us. I quote from a reader’s letter:

Back in the early 1990s, the situation on the border between Russia and China was very turbulent. Smugglers, shelling from the neighbouring territory. I was talking to two people who didn’t know each other at the time who served on the border. One of them told me that he had been hit by a bullet from the adjacent territory.

China was a US ally in the 1980s. I spoke to veterans of the war in Afghanistan. According to their accounts, the Afghan dushmans were armed with Chinese rifles and machine guns, which were copies of the Soviet ones, but of inferior quality. That is, China was arming the Dushmans. It is a well-known fact that it trained the Dushmans, as did the United States. Moreover, China received intelligence information on the USSR from the United States.

Thus, there were many reasons for war between Russia and China. It was Putin who took a hard line to establish friendly relations with China. The border was demarcated. Damansky Island was handed over to China, among other things. This defused the situation.

China perfectly understands that Russia does not need a war with China. But the US might well, if not directly attack China, then it might set its enemies against China and support them in everything. So we are natural partners.

It was only a few years ago that I learned about the US passing over intelligence information on the USSR to China from open sources. It came as a shock to me. I really did not know that the US and China were military allies and not just economic partners.

The puzzle came together – it became clear why the Tiananmen Square events took place at that time (in June 1989) – they flowed logically from the USSR’s defeat in Afghanistan (February 1989). China was no longer needed by its ally, and the U.S. decided to remove a witness in the face of China’s leadership and turn China into its servant by installing a new leadership. By the way, probably from Taipei. The U.S. has orchestrated its own fifth column in China. The members of the fifth column have been coiled by the troops, following strict orders – the Chinese perestroika, followed by a transition to full US control, has failed.

The Russian government is a champion of establishing good relations with bitter enemies. Russia has managed to normalise relations with China, Israel, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. These are the countries that directly contributed to the fall of the USSR. This is really worthwhile. It is just an incredible result – having such a big and sour lemon inherited from the USSR, to extract so much useful lemon juice from it – 5 points!

I should add that Damansky Island was handed over to China by Gorbachev back in 1991. More importantly, he gave China half of the Amur by the same document: previously the border was not along the river’s fairway, but directly along China’s shore, so the entire river was ours (link). I don’t like Gorbachev, but he was probably right here – the previous border treaty with China was humiliating for our partner, hence unreliable.

At the same time Gorbachev failed to do the most important thing: he did not settle the border with China properly. This most important work was done by Putin, who tied the border not to unreliable landmarks (which could be dug up with an excavator), but to absolute coordinates. Given the history of our relations with China in the 19th century, the final closure of border disputes has angered the hurrah-patriots in China more than it has angered us.

Why Khrushchev quarrelled with China is a topic for a separate post. I will briefly note that he merely continued Stalin’s erroneous line, taking a position of superiority. Mao had to forgive Stalin’s neglect, as the USSR was then far more powerful than the war-weakened Asian giant. But after Stalin’s death, Mao demanded equal treatment from his successors, and Khrushchev did not understand why this was so important for our partners and did not accept this fair demand.

Brezhnev, too, was unable or unwilling to rectify the situation, and Gorbachev, despite his almost criminal leniency, was a staunch friend of the US, as was the late Yeltsin. Had it not been for Boris Nikolayevich’s latest contrivance, if some Western lackey had come to power in Russia in 2000, our relations with China would now be worse than those with Bandera’s Ukraine.

It is frightening to imagine what it would have led to in the end.

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4 Responses to “China vs US. Russia has drawn the lucky ticket – or maybe the fruits of wisdom.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    China fired two hypersonic missiles towards Taiwan.

    A few hours ago, the forces of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) launched strikes with two DF-15 hypersonic missiles in the waters of the Taiwan Strait. The strikes were launched from distances of about 850 kilometers, and during them the missiles flew over the island, which is the first time such weapons have been used against Taiwan.

    According to Chinese sources, the missiles were launched at the same target from different directions – one of the missiles covered a distance of about 850 kilometers, while the second – about 865 kilometers. The missiles crossed the airspace of the island of Taiwan and fell into the sea. We are talking about hypersonic missiles that develop a flight speed of up to 6 MAX.

    At the moment, Taipei does not comment on missile launches by the PRC, while, it is noteworthy, at the time of the launches, the sirens in Taiwan were not turned on. This is attributed either to the fact that they did not see a serious threat on the island, or the missile launches were simply not recorded.

    It is noteworthy that the Chinese DF-15 hypersonic ballistic missiles are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead with a yield of up to 350 kT, however, during the current launches, the nuclear warhead was not used.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Also – China has stopped exporting sand to Taiwan. Sand = Silicon

    “So TSMC, if you just have a look at market share, I believe manufactures around 50% of all semiconductors in the world. And I think that still understates how important it is, because these are some of the most advanced chips out there,”

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Taiwan chips are the Achilles heel of world manufacturing so why provoke China at all ?

    Is the US intentionally leading the world to disaster ?

    Worldwide market share of IC industry segments in Taiwan 2013-2020, by type
    Published by
    Daniel Slotta
    Daniel Slotta
    Daniel Slotta
    Research expert covering fiance, real estate, and technology in Greater China

    Mar 9, 2022
    In 2020, Taiwan controlled 77 percent of the global foundries. The region is a semiconductor and chip manufacturing hub. In contrast to that, companies that focus on the design of integrated circuits are mostly located outside of Taiwan. Nonetheless, Taiwanese fabless companies still accounted for around one-fifth of the global market.

  4. danceaway says:

    And Nancy Pelosi ( or her husband ) are said to be heavily invested in this or these companies……Alex Christoforou has remarked that she very likely did some business deal while she was there, or it might have been one of the factors in her determination to make the trip.