3 Responses to “Buying an electric car is ALREADY backfiring on the owners – Hugo Talks”

  1. AneRose says:

    Absolutely correct – It is called crisis management where an agenda is presented and rejected so a crisis is created and now the original agenda is brought in as the solution and is welcomed with open arms.

  2. Aldous says:

    I’m certain that on this blog several years ago, Tap/Henry had a statement along the lines of ‘no one should be driving around in a diesel car’ or words to that effect.
    I couldn’t have agreed more then or now. Trucks, semies (semi-trailers aka artics in UK?) etc are a necessary evil but we don’t need millions of everyday cars using such engines. We don’t need electric driven cars either.
    The so-called ‘carbon footprint’ of producing these damn batteries is absolutely enormous and horrendous. Also, what happens to them at the end of their life – or even beforehand? Dump them in the ocean or landfill?
    I’m reliably informed that ‘ownership’ of these batteries is retained by the manufacturer and is never part of the vehicle sale but merely loaned to the unsuspecting purchaser.
    ‘Buyer Beware’ immediately springs to mind especially if the manufacturer recalls them for whatever reason.
    What’s an electric car without its batteries? A sailing ship without a sail? Just so much junk.

    I believe the servicing costs of such cars can be a horror show but I really wouldn’t know for sure as I stick to good old gas driven vehicles and don’t know anyone who has got an electric or hybrid contraption.
    Electric cars are the stuff of amusement parks and I used to quite enjoy the ‘dodgems’ with those antenna-like things that scraped along the top of the place to power it up. The ‘don’t deliberately ram other cars’ sign everywhere was like red rag to a bull to me and most others and the protests from the owner were in vain and went unheard. The cars had lots of solid rubber buffers on them so we didn’t know what he was worried about anyway. None of us went in there to just drive around like pussies but to ram each other. He always let us back in because of the pocket money that he got from us.

    • Belyi says:

      So you were the kind of person who terrified me! When I was a child the circus came to our town once a year. After one or two tries at the bumper cars with Dad, I was so scared of being hit that the experiment ended and I went on the roundabout instead.