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Blue Light, Light-Sensitive Soap, Acidity And Magnets Turn Graphene Oxide Into “Black Death”!!

“Black Death” Technological Depopulation Plague Of The 21st Century Breakthrough Revelations Everybody Needs To Know Now!! Blue Light, Light-Sensitive Soap, Acidity And Magnets Turn Graphene Oxide Into “Black Death”!! 

(What you are about to read may be considered to be one of most significant breakthrough articles in modern times, pertaining to the sudden increase in mass death.)

Okay folks… we have some important things to learn about graphene oxide and our health.  These few things, I’m theorizing, could easily save many lives and even reverse the depopulation and genocide agenda, and they are based on EXISTING SCIENCE. Are you ready to get into it?

Let’s go…

But before we get into the nuts and bolts of this amazing information I’m about to share with you, I want you to know that from my standpoint, I don’t have a laboratory to test these things already known by science… so it’s not 100%… but what I can assure you, is that it’s my intention to share truth, and my intention to provide the best information I can to humanity, to help deal with this strange situation we’ve all found ourselves in, jabbed or unjabbed.



  1.  First off… feel free to read the following page… then come back to this page, so that we can work through these discoveries together. https://chemaust.raci.org.au/article/march-2017/light-soap-and-magnets-turn-graphene-%E2%80%98black-gold%E2%80%99.html
  2.  Now one theory is this… light, soap and magnets turn graphene in to ‘black gold’ for water purification and electronic devices, but in the body, light, soap and magnets turn graphene into ‘black death’. Does that sound about right? Going further: Light, Light-Sensitive Soap, And Magnets Turn Graphene Oxide Into “Black Death”
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  5. Okay… so with that established… let’s go back to the theory: light, soap and magnets equals ‘black death’…. but reading the article we can add “acidity” to the formula… so the formula becomes:  light, light-sensitive soap, acidity, graphene and magnets equals black death”
  6. Let’s look at the light component:  Looking at the science they say this:   Blue light causes light-sensitive soap to stick to carbon nano-particles, and violet light causes them to let go.
  7. What on earth is light-sensitive soap? Let’s look.  The article suggests, “azobenzene” is a component of light-sensitive soap because the benzene changes it shape when illuminated with light of specific wavelength… UV… and has an another shape in ‘blue light”… does that make sense?
  8. Now let’s go shopping…. uh oh… we struck black gold… it’s an ingredient in sunscreen… now it seems like they are using something called “avobenezone”, but it seems to have the same light activation abilities, that’s why it provides “UV protection”.
    Avobenzone Containing Sunscreens Often Cause Skin Allergies There are a number of articles in the literature about Octocrylene – the most common avobenzone stabilizer chemical – causing skin irritation, including rashes and acne. Avobenzone Containing Sunscreens can cause hormone disruption – and are even more toxic when exposed to chlorine


  9. Okay, if it’s in sunscreen as ‘UV protection’, that means it’s probably in other “UV protection” products… like…soap perhaps????   And UV hand sanitizer perhaps??? UV body wash perhaps???

https://duckduckgo.com/?q=+uv+protection+soap&atb=v314-1&ia=web Looks like there are many many of these products.  10. Turns out benzene is in other consumer products too… uh oh… what if these benzene ingredients can somehow make azobenzene in the body??? Seems like all you’d need is some nitrogen and a catalyst, and it could be possible?? Maybe this explains why some of those other chemicals are in those products??

Who ever thought to put it in dish soap, the stuff you wash your baby’s bottles in? So I did a little research and it turns out that Triclosan–the active ingredient in antibacterial soaps of all kinds, even shampoos and body washes–is a benzene derivative and causes cancer and lots of other health problems.
11.  Turns out azobenzene is a class of compounds!!
12.  Now… let’s get back to more discoveries… it turns out iron oxide sticks to graphene, and then graphene can be moved about using a magnetic field!!

13.  Would you be surprised to know that the heart is the strongest magnetic field in the body? Could this be a connection to sudden increase in myocarditis?  Could this be that the heart is also where iron gravitates to in the body?

Jan 3, 2022Beef heart’s iron content is yet another thing that makes it cardioprotective. Iron helps deliver oxygen to your tissues; if you’re low in iron, you’ll probably feel sluggish and tired all the time. [16] Just three ounces of beef heart contains over two-thirds of your daily iron requirement. Mood-boosting
14.  We also know that blood is high in iron… that’s a no-brainer.  This probably accounts for graphene oxide’s inherent toxicity to the body.
15.  Back to the formula: light, soap, acidity, graphene and magnets equals ‘black death’.
Blue light causes graphene to stick to the light-sensitive soap, and violet light causes it ‘let go’.

16.  You do realize ‘blue light’ is everywhere, in the streetlights… household light bulbs, computer screens, cell screens?  What if you hold your cellphone screen to your head or body??? I shudder to think about it… intense blue light AND a STRONG MAGNETIC FIELD!!

17.  Okay… so let’s summarize:  graphene attaches to iron and light-sensitive soap in an acid solution… and can get pulled around the body with a magnetic field.   Graphene lets go in the presence of alkalinity and violet light.

18.  Let’s look at the complete formula again: Blue Light, Light-Sensitive Soap, Acidity And Magnets Turn Graphene Oxide Into “Black Death” 19.  So if we want to avoid ‘black death’… and becoming a death statistic… we need: -violet light -avoid blue light -stop using benzene products -alkalinity -avoid electro-magnetic fields -avoid graphene oxide intake -do things for graphene oxide detox -avoid certain sound frequencies (since sound can also activate graphene oxide) 20. Basically… I believe people are more prone to death by graphene oxide, in excess artificial environments, and can heal or at least help the situation greatly, in natural environments… think, in a cabin somewhere in the forest, where there are no cellphone towers, chemical products, artificial light. Does that sound about right?? Well… like I said… these are theories but I feel they make sense, and may explain the sudden deaths, and maybe have something to with how the clotshot creatures are forming inside people’s veins, and near their hearts. Now… here’s what you can do:

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Final points: You and I both know it, many will die in the days to come… but you and I can do what we can… it’s not about saving other people… it’s about saving ourselves, and it’s about helping others to do the same, and helping the young or those who cannot comprehend what is shared here. Many people won’t be willing to get themselves into safety… they will doubt, they will avoid truth, they will resist change… and they will die.  Others, will see the light and they will see the truth… they will see that they have been given an opportunity to take matters into their own hands… they will be willing to change, and in the process they will discover the importance of the natural world.  They will wake up from the nightmare… they will impower themselves over technology, and thus will be born again. Some won’t be able to break away from the cellphones, the cell towers, artificial ingredients, acidic lifestyles, and electronic devices… they won’t inherit the earth, or likely have a long life, either.



3 Responses to “Blue Light, Light-Sensitive Soap, Acidity And Magnets Turn Graphene Oxide Into “Black Death”!!”

  1. newensign says:

    More good information Weaver, I knew the hand wash was dangerous, but not the combined affect of graphine oxide and blue light, but I have my doubts where it said stay in ultra violet light as this is the spectrum of LED lights which cause blood cell clumping, lack of energy and concertation compared with candescent lights which are in the infrared spectrum which is good for the body. Nobody hardly debates that covid has never been proven to exist See link. https://andrewkaufmanmd.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Statement-of-Virus-Isolation-SOVI-by-Morell-Cowan-and-Kaufman.pdf

  2. Weaver says:

    Finding information that ties it all together can be difficult as everyone is still trying to work out the effects of combining all of these things. However, what we do know is if we are told that all these things are good for us we must think the opposite.

  3. ian says:

    The perps are not going to leave us in peace. A good number of these type things will be of their creation, however we need it all so we can choose a way through it.