Are You Angry Yet?

August 14, 2022

Tired of satanist psychopaths destroying your life?

Does anyone look back at the last few years and get angry at all the things you were forced to do for nothing?

I’m not talking about the shot. Just all the other things.
Couldn’t even go into your grocery store without wearing a mask or you would be shamed (or potentially arrested in some places).
Going to the bank you had to stand on foot print stickers that were 6ft apart for everyone’s safety.
If you got the sniffles or had allergies people would look at you like you were a walking death sentence.
You couldn’t get proper care for your animals at the vet because they said it was unsafe.

You couldn’t see your loved ones during their last days.

Some people couldn’t see their child born because of the “science” and having to isolate.

People LOST THEIR JOBS for not getting a shot. Some people lost EVERYTHING over it.

Relationships- personal friendships, family, romantic… were shattered everywhere.

It became cool for the morons of reddit and alot of other shitbags out there to call you “plague rat” and enjoy sharing the deaths of those who didn’t conform to whatever the “new science” was for that week.

Just think about all the stress and anguish each person had to go through during this time. Regardless of how they felt about it or where they stood politically.

And suddenly, it’s slowly just another event in everyone’s life. Even with all that’s come out recently regarding the virus, vaccines, masks, “science”.

It’s now just become another “don’t look over here! Just move along!

Makes me fucking sick.

Years of our lives we will never get back. Memories we will never have. Time that has essentially slipped through all of our fingers. Gone.

Conspiracy? Sure. But why?
Makow—“Why?”   The author above didn’t get the memo.
The new CDC guidance, “Unvaccinated people now have the same guidance as vaccinated people” – acknowledges there never was a “vaccine.”

My husband was discharged from the Marine corps after 10 years. The number of people we know discharged at 18/19 years is a lot too.. it’s so sad. We lost our primary source of income, I lost my job, had to move across the ocean to live with my parents, and now here we are trying to figure out what is next. It’s so sad.

Pisses me off. I didn’t want to lose my home and see my wife and 2 year old daughter be homeless so it was that or take the shot.


First Comment from RM
Retiring from a horrible job and living a life that I dreamed of was it. I power para glided the Salton Sea!
With the Covid everything ended.  Women I knew became terrified and became recluses.  
There was a specialty shop where I could get premium Olive Oil.  It was destroyed by Covid. I am big olive oil fan!  
A seafood restaurant, that was a hit, went under.  Best crab cakes in the world.
Well the lawsuits are starting.  It will take a generation to realize justice.
Could the Trudeaus, Bidens, Macrons be this stupid that they didn’t realize if things went bad they would be sacrificed?
God will always take you back.  Screw up with Satan, well you’re on your own.
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One Response to “Are You Angry Yet?”

  1. Gordon says:

    Just luv the caption of the lioness, it just says it all, and here’s her mate.

    Lions are like Jesus Christ, King of this jungle but never turn your back on Him/them or you’re done for.

    Quote: The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself. St Augustine of Hippo.