Ania K in Poland Speaking with Russell “Texas” Bentley in Donetsk City

This conversation is far ranging and full of information.

The human trafficking out of Ukraine is off the charts; cattle for the slaughter house.

Using people as human shields is BASIC STRATEGY. This is how Ukraine planned to take heavily populated Donbas.

He thinks it could be December before the shelling of Donetsk is entirely stopped, due to the use of long range weapons.

Once Donbas front is crushed, Odessa and Kiev could be next. Take Kiev and then give it back with Russian administration. Acknowledgement of Medvedev’s recent map.

Examination of craters reveals direction of attack and weapon used. Explanation of petal bombs being dropped.

It is the West which is ordering the continuation of this war. They know Russia will win, so want to destroy it first. Kill and destroy is their strategy.

Over the 8+ years about 10% of Donetsk has been destroyed overall, some areas 50%. Not as bad as Mariupol, but what happened there was the plan for Donetsk.


One Response to “Ania K in Poland Speaking with Russell “Texas” Bentley in Donetsk City”

  1. Tapestry says:

    US strategy in Ukraine is to destroy as much of the place as possible and to kill as many people as possible, both Russian and Ukrainian. So Russia has less people and more liabilities once the war is over.