All Part of The Script

Surprise surprise. The energy bosses have offered no help or solution to the current energy price “crisis”. Another day another problem in the seemingly unending destruction of to the world. Bills are going up, wages are stagnant, interest rates are going up and the quality of life is going down.

In reality the people have the power to force energy and things like transport and infrastructure to be taken back into public ownership and run for everyone’s benefit but they don’t or can’t think like that.

So let’s have a look as to what might be going on here.

The Terror in Terrorism

According to Wikipedia terrorism is defined as:

Terrorism, in its broadest sense, is the use of violence and fear to achieve an ideological aim. The term is used in this regard primarily to refer to intentional violence during peacetime or in the context of war against non-combatants (mostly civilians and neutral military personnel).

Traditionally we view terrorism as being associated with violent groups and events such as the Baader Meinhof Gang, the Iranian Embassy siege or in the films of Steven “I’m just a cook” Segal. We’ve been programmed to associate terrorism with big threats. In essence though, trying to change people’s actions through the use of fear and coercion is by definition terrorism. Even if on a non-violent level. A threat is there and a response desired.

As with all terrorism, there are always demands and the fear of what happens if the demands are not met.

Modern Day Government and Media Terrorism

If you follow world events of the last two years from a higher minded position you quickly begin to see a pattern. Although non-violent, the Covid pandemic, interest rate rises, threat of emerging viruses and not the threat of energy shortages and blackouts have all been designed and orchestrated to illicit a fear response, put people in their base animal state and get them ready to be saved if they surrender something. The origin of these tricks go back hundreds of not thousands of years and the perpetrators of these events are well practiced and are experts in their art. Once you understand the methodology and understand the goal then the true picture starts to take shape.

In reality, the energy companies were never going to help, the government don’t want them to and in fact are in on the scam with the energy companies but they have to appear to be “trying to do something”.

They really are all in it together.

So What Are they After?

As will all terrorists the current lot will at some point issue demands. Not just yet as the public have not yet been put in to enough fear but it’s coming soon. Once the perpetrators think the time is right the demands will be presented.

In my opinion this is all designed to push people to the “solution” of Agenda 2030, sustainable development, carbon credits and trading and of course the financial security of universal basic income. Yes people will have to surrender more if not all of their freedoms and autonomy but at least the lights and heating will stay on and they’ll be “safe”. That may be in a life of misery and slavery but as least if will be a safe life. Or appear to be. To those in fear the protective world government will feel like a very attractive proposition.

In effect this is an orchestrated attack, the ruling classes are all in it together and are a combined terrorist enemy against the people of the world.

Another Possibility of Carbon Credits

After watching Hugo’s excellent piece on The Netherlands carbon wallet my head started ticking. I remembered a trip to Berlin some years back. Whilst there I visited the usual tourist sights. The Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, The Topography of Terror museum and sat in the Tiergarten. This is of course the place where the Nazis came up with Aktion T4. I started thinking the “final solution” may have had a change in direction.

The idea of the carbon wallet is that you use and trade your credits which allows you to produce/purchase/emit and it tracks how your actions contribute to carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere. It aims to cap global emissions and therefore “help stop climate change and save mother earth”.

These guys talk in code so you have to rethink what certain terms means. “Climate Change” is not about weather it’s about the climate we live in on this planet. The social-economic climate. Reducing CO2 is not about reducing the amount of CO2 produced and emitted in to the atmosphere. It’s about reducing the number of people breathing out. Think like they do and it doesn’t take long to work out. No CO2 = no life.

My final a’ha moment after listening to Hugo was the realization that they might take this to another level.

“Mr Smith, you’ve run out of credits. You cannot put out any more CO2. You have to stop breathing”.

I hope I’m totally wrong, have misinterpreted everything and in fact we have a good government of good people really trying to help. The trouble is I struggle to see that.

If we really are being terrorized albeit subtly it won’t be long before demands are issued. They may not initially appear to be demands but ultimately they will be.

We are being played and the biggest threat to the perpetrators is being revealed and exposed. The point at which they issue demands is the point they fully reveal themselves and where the people have the opportunity to be brave. Especially men who need to find the inner warrior spirit. Not the soldier spirit. Warrior. Soldiers attack. Warriors defend. The warrior is a feminine principle. That’s why some of the greatest warriors in history have been female. It’s the defensive protective state. Strong men in their caring loving protective state in control of their ego is also a powerful combination.

When the people of all colours, races, religions, sexuality and genders come together we will see the true final solution of peace, love and unity. That is the true final solution I hope to see in my lifetime.

It always was about much more than energy prices.

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3 Responses to “All Part of The Script”

  1. Snigger says:

    Going back to when gas and oil prices shot I emailed a friend who works in the oil industry as to why prices have shot up all of a sudden??? He emailed me back and said they have restricted our drilling…….

  2. sovereigntea says:

    According to Russian TV the energy crisis is down to idiotic green policies combined with sanctions.

    You will need to use Youtube autotranslate for subtitles.

    However, with Mikhail Leontiev Channel
    Однако с Михаилом Леонтьевым Канал
    16.5K subscribers

  3. sovereigntea says:

    First, there is a series of statements that “we are all at once refusing Russian oil and Russian gas, forgetting about the word “coal” altogether, switching to exclusively clean energy sources, and then it suddenly turns out that there is a big problem for “clean sources”.

    Solar batteries are “suddenly” covered with snow in winter, windmills freeze (cover with an ice crust), and it turns out that it is extremely difficult to do without gas and oil, including Russian ones, to generate electricity in other ways.

    Now in the West, those who yesterday at all corners were shouting about “green energy” and a “bright future” without hydrocarbons, today are looking for an excuse for their fiasco. And there is only one “justification” so far – “it is Putin’s fault, Russia is to blame”… In this scenario, the West’s “green energy” project has the character of frank populism, and the positions of the “greens” themselves are becoming increasingly shaky.