Alexander Mercouris update on Ukraine conflict

From reports it appears that the DPR and LPR with support from the Russians have cracked the defence lines opposite Donetsk City and dampened the attacks which have been causing such damage and civilian casualties for so long.

There appear to be two different theatres, one in Donbass and another which appears to be building, perhaps to prepare for a Russian offensive with armoured forces; putting the pieces in place, which would be consistent with Russian strategy over decades.

UK media ( The Telegraph and MOD reports ) continue to push the same narrative of Ukrainian success, but there is little evidence that these claims are plausible. A matter of keeping the faith in Britain?

Mood in the White House seems to be changing; preparing for a breakdown in the Ukraine narrative and looking for a face-saving formula.

15% inflation predicted for UK in 2023.

Appears to be steady incremental movement toward an ultimate Russian victory in Ukraine