Alexander Mercouris – 2 August evening look at events in Taiwan and Ukraine

Alexander discusses how the history of China from the 1830’s , and the struggles it experienced, has led to the mood which permeates both Chinese society and the Communist government. That is, it overwhelmingly sees Taiwan as part of its sovereignty. Furthermore, recent events in Ukraine has brought Russia and China closer together because they realise they have a common enemy, which is the United States.  Just four months ago the US was trying to persuade China to support sanctions against Russia.

In Ukraine Russia continues to make incremental advances while the Ukrainians are suffering huge losses. The Russians seem to be building up their armoured forces. They may be small villages which are being taken, but these are the pebbles before the landslide, the overture to the main act which is to come.

However, if a war with China and the subsequent break of supply chains does occur, if there is a war on two fronts, then the economic crisis we foresee now will be as nothing in comparison.

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