Alexander Christoforou – ‘Putin’s Brain’ propaganda. Kiev exodus. Arresting Imran Khan. No showers, use washcloth

Dugin’s influence in Kremlin marginal; greatly exaggerated by MSM for propaganda purposes; shows how disconnected from Russia they are and their misunderstanding of Russian foreign policy. Dugin’s maximalist policy uncomfortable for Kremlin. Russia will calibrate their response.

Inessa reporting closure of airspace of 11 airports near Ukraine from 24-29 August. Ukraine Independence Day celebrations 24 August. Huge exodus taking place from Kiev. Cars shown streaming out, if video is genuine. Looking like next week will be tense. Russian military appear to be planning to focus on Odessa and Kharkiv next.

Pakistan Police have laid charges of terrorism against Imran Khan; a clear case of taking out the opposition. Khan very popular; would win if there were an election. Photo of crowds out in street at 3 am; planning to surround his home to prevent his arrest.

Germany advocating no showers; wash with a damp cloth to save energy.