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Alex Christoforou – Who/What will cut the Gordian knot? with Ania K

Ania’s gentle questioning leads their conversation in many directions.

Just a few of the topics they discuss:

What has he learned from his father, a Cyprian diplomat, about diplomacy?

Diplomacy is based on listening and understanding; solving problems; compromise necessary to reach best outcomes. If one door closes, it often opens another. Current Western diplomats view compromise as failure; they are unwilling to give up anything, to find a middle ground.

Gordian knot legend: that which you cannot untie, you have to cut. This is what has happened in Ukraine. Putin cut the knot.

Agenda 2030 –  accelerated, condensed.

Poland suffers from a lack of confidence; Greece does as well. This is what the EU creates; get them hooked; it is like an abusive relationship.

Turkey holds all the cards re Nato. Their main problem is inflation, which they are attempting to solve via business with Russia.