Alex Christoforou – news from Russia, the EU and the US on Wednesday morning

Listenieng to Alex Christoforou is like learning from a good friend who explains events clearly, knowledgeably and cheerfully in spite of the seriousness of the topics.

In this morning’s update Alex explained at considerable length how the visa system currently works between Russia and EU countries; how some EU countries, and perhaps eventually all, are now operating out of anger and hate for Russia and the Russian people with the travel bans they are both proposing and implementing. Poland is leading the way, but the Baltic countries are close behind. What they do not realise is that they are once again shooting themselves in the foot, as Russians can simply travel to countries where they ARE wanted, such as Turkey or Serbia.

Alex recalls how it backfired on the UK when the government did all in its power to deter football fans from traveling to Russia for the world cup, filling the media with lies and propaganda about Russia.A sizeable number of fans ignored this, went to Russia, had a marvellous time, and learned first hand about the lies they has been fed. The government was furious.

How will Russia respond to this provocation? Alex suggests that they, in fact, loosen and extend the visa requirements to EU citizens, that they ‘kill them with kindness’.  Encourage them to come to visit all the lovely Russian cities, meet the Russian people.

Alex also discusses the Ukrainian extension of martial law and Zelensky using this as the reason for the travel ban on all Ukrainian men of military age, in spite of an petition signed by 27.000 people.

Dick Cheney’s daughter lost her seat in the Wyoming election, but Alex is sure this was expected and she will be “promoted up” as is done in these circumstances; they will have a place for her all planned.


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  1. Gordon says:

    And here is your war in Ukraine