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Alex Christoforou looks at events of the past 24 hours as he walks around beautiful Belgrade

Pelosi’s stop over in Taiwan was an exercise in PR and media; a chance to humiliate China, to call China’s bluff – that was the purpose of the trip, It was all show; trying to prevent rise of an alternative system, the fair world order. To show the US as top dog, put media soft power in place. The collective  west is all media fantasy spin. Lavrov’s popularity in Africa has freaked them out. Have to show the world, we’re still there, guys, ( even though we’re losing in Ukraine; sneakily walking back Sanctions).

China will retaliate; who knows how and when; economically? On their own timeline. This event was the equivalent of the Maiden for Russia; they now know where they stand with the US.  The White House sees this as their victory. For China this is just the start.

Vuvic gong to Brussels for meeting on 18th. Has to walk a tightrope for the time being between EU and Russia. Media in Serbia has been told not to report on Kosovo situation.

Elensky still begging for more HIMARS. This is all a marketing operation, to persuade Countries to purchase this wonder weapon and fill the coffers of the MIC. Propaganda still claiming that  Ukraine is winning.

German Foreign Minister attacking China; will not tolerate larger country attacking smaller country.  Does she even know about Nato in Yugoslavia, bombing for 72 days, about Iraq, Syria, Libya. Afghanistan; let’s not talk about it.