Aircraft destroyed at Novofedorivka Air Base – satellite imagery


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Satellite Photos Show Destruction at Novofedorivka Air Base (Su-30s and Su-24s destroyed)
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Satellite photos show the destroyed jets after the attack on Novofedorivka/Saki/Saky Air base.

An update here on Novofedorivka air base. So, I expect most of you may have seen this photo by now—the first satellite image of the base itself, showing some of the destruction.

So—as you can see there is a lot of damage. For point of reference, here is an image of the base four hours before the attack took place, showing a number of jets—Su-24s and Su-30s in the area. So, let’s take a look at what was destroyed.

Now—there are 7 confirmed aircraft losses in the top part of the image.

Looking at the bottom—it seems clear to me that Russia had already started removing destroyed frames before the satellite image was taken. So, that’s 6 ore—3 fencers, 3 su-30s destroyed.

So I put it at 6 Su-30s and 7 Su-24s destroyed. I would also put this one here, circled, as a probable. It was close to the blast point and though not burned, it must have got damaged to a high degree.

Impact points—I see three likely impact points or craters here. Circled.

And here—other destruction, three buildings were destroyed in the attack.

So—it’s a pretty big loss. 13 aircraft lost by my count, with one which must be heavily damaged. It’s also likely that the other aircraft which don’t look destroyed have picked up some damage too, given the destruction around them.

There may be more damage at other sections of the base. So we will have to wait for additional photos and satellite images in the near future.

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2 Responses to “Aircraft destroyed at Novofedorivka Air Base – satellite imagery”

  1. ian says:

    A massive loss.

  2. Mick says:

    These strikes prove US involvement as Ukraine doesn’t have such capabilities. One day they could find themselves dragged into this war as a declared target, then they’ll bitch about it.